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Sonu Nigam At Ajmer Sharif 12-04-13

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Interveiw - Sonu Pe Suhaga!

Reader Kamakshi Khurana was delighted when her favourite
singer Sonu Nigam crooned to her after a candid chat

After 14 years of tracking his musical journey, Kamakshi Khurana's dearest wish of meeting him comes true on a muggy May evening. On the second floor of his four-storey bungalow at Versova, just as we take up comfortable corners on the sofas, a fledging little pug toddles into the room.

"Come here Santa... my baby," Sonu claps at the pooch scrambling towards his feet. He cuddles it until it calms down. His 24-year-old fan sits across him, awestruck.

"This hasn't sunk in yet," she says, blushing. "I know. That's why I'm not talking to you until you feel comfortable," Sonu says, flashing a smile. "Since I was 10, I've followed every article that mentions you, attended all your Mumbai concerts and collected scores of pictures. I'm finally here. This is amazing," she says excitedly.

A musical therapist and singer, Kamakshi plunges into her area of interest and asks Sonu if he believes sound has the potential to heal. Sonu explains, "Behind every sound you hear, there is a bigger sound of silence. But it is all about intent.

Sound with the wrong intent is superficial. But sound with the right intent, from your soul, has healing powers."

As Kamakshi reels off precise factoids on Sonu and his life's philosophy, the singer concedes, "She has definitely followed my life closely." The interaction takes an intriguing turn when she asks - what is that one thing he truly wishes for? Sonu treads spiritual ground, "To me, this life, all this is maya, a farce.

If I am alive, then the world is alive for me. For when I die, whatever happens to anybody won't matter because I won't be here. If I'm happy, nothing bothers me. If I can see positivity and goodness inside me, I'm certain I'll see it outside as well."

With all the acclaim he has garnered in his career, Sonu is arguably the most popular vocalist of the modern era. Kamakshi wonders how he has handled his adulation without letting it go to his head.

"It got to me initially because I had a modest upbringing and I have been working (singing) since I was four. Too much fame at once is hard to handle. But I came around and learnt to appreciate it for what it was," Sonu says.

What explains his recent reclusive streak? "In the last five-six years, I have done all that I can do. I wanted to travel more, sing less and think differently. I wanted to experience the wild side. There came a point where I didn't enjoy my life.

Shuttling between studios and live shows, it had become dreary and mechanical. If that had continued, I'd have burnt out."

Sonu says he has sung only a handful of songs in the last five years because he has consciously turned selective with his work. "That is because I can't work around mediocrity anymore. If I like a song offered to me and I share a good equation with the composer, only then I take it up."

Kamakshi asks him about his son Neevaan and Sonu's eyes light up with pride. "He is a very happy child. I touch his feet in the morning because we are the same souls. He is a better version of me," he says.

Another affable side of Sonu has been his flair for mimicking singers and music directors. For over a decade, he has wowed TV viewers with hilarious imitations of his contemporaries.

As Kamakshi questions Sonu, he puts colour into the conversation by often swinging into side-splitting impressions of everybody from Nadeem-Shravan to Anu Malik.

As the rollicking interview draws to an end, Kamakshi requests him to sing her favourite song from his solo album, and she joins him midway. Sonu then ends the evening with the Kal ho na ho title track.

As we step out, Kamakshi is wide-eyed as she says, "I feel as if I’ve really grown as a person in those 90 minutes. He truly is as amazing a person as I had expected he would be."


Monday, 30 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Ft In Bangalore Bulldozers New Tune

Sonu Niigaam's Email Gets Hacked!

Singer Sonu Nigam pressed the panic button when all his friends started receiving random emails, supposedly from him at a time when he was shooting for a TV show.

Nigam didn’t want to specify the content of the abusive mails but dismissed them saying that they were ‘unwanted’.

“The mails were sent to everybody on my address list. I want to apologise to everybody on my contact list — the mails were sent to my colleagues, my seniors and even to people I had not interacted for seven or eight years,” says Nigam.

The actor has regained control over his email ID and is considering informing the cyber crime cell of the Mumbai police.

“I have re-set my password and tackled all the security questions. But I still don’t know how many more people have received these mails supposedly from me. I want to clarify that I can never send such mails to them,” he added.


Sonu Niigaam's X Factor - Has India Got The X Factor

India's version of the X factor has launched with performances ranging from the amazing to the downright atrocious. But as one of many reality singing shows in India, can the format win over one of the world's largest television audiences?

Sonu Nigam: One of India's leading playback singers, who provides the voice for many of Bollywood's big stars in the dance numbers on screen

Shreya Ghosal: A product of reality TV, she got her break on India's singing show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and is now an award-winning playback singer in India

Sanjay Leela Bhansali: One of India's most famous directors, behind big Bollywood hits such as Devdas, Black and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
All are veterans of the reality TV format, having starred on similar shows before. Bhansali was a judge on the Indian version of Strictly Come Dancing (Jhalak Dhikalaja).
A bad singer is a bad singer, no matter where you are in the world.

As contestants took to the stage for the opening auditions for X Factor India, viewers on Sunday night could watch a startling variety of hopefuls, who lived up to the show's trademark mix of the truly talented and truly appalling.

What marks out the Indian version of the show is the country's rich and diverse musical heritage, which saw performers try their hand at everything from Bollywood to Bhangra.

"We've had everything from 16 Rajasthani folk singers dressed in turbans singing in high-pitched voices to the soft voice of a 70-year-old man who has been brought up with the Bollywood traditions of the 1960s," says Sonu Nigam, one of the judges on the Indian show.

With the same theme tune, stage set, categories and editing style, the "look" of X Factor India is almost identical to that of its British predecessor.

India's Cheryl Cole?

But for those familiar with the original UK format, the
similarities don't stop there.

Sonu Nigam is one of three on the panel of India's X-factor, all of whom are big Bollywood names. Nigam, who is one of India's most famous singing stars, is joined by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and playback singer Shreya Ghoshal.

And in a parallel to the UK's Cheryl Cole, Indian singer Shreya Ghoshal was also discovered on a reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - she used it as a launch pad for a successful singing career.

It was her appearance on that show which caught the eye of fellow judge Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who gave her a singing part on the Bollywood film Devdas, for which she won a Filmfare award (the Indian equivalent of the Oscars).

"Being a judge is a different ball game," says Ghoshal. "It's emotional to be on the panel with my mentor."

On the X Factor, it was Nigam who took centre stage on the judging panel, at times even joining contestants on stage as they sang. When one dejected contestant was turned down, she begged him for a hug, something he happily offered.

So do any of the Indian trio have any of the Simon Cowell put-downs? Nigam refused to be drawn on which of the judges, if any, would play the role of "Mr Nasty" on the panel.

"We could still be nicer, but we have to be honest. We are good at times, we are strict," he says.

Entertainment journalist
"India is a great country with good music. This X Factor should beat every other X factor in the world," he says.

The show, which is already available in 24 countries including Australia and Indonesia, is set to launch in China and the United States this year.

"We are looking for this show to be making all the difference because this is the largest and the biggest market for the show. It's 1.2bn people we are talking about," says Raj Barua, from Fremantle Media, the show's creators, in India.

Indian saturated reality
Mr Barua and his colleagues believe the growth and evolution of India's television market will make it a big success.

The show has taken more than a year of planning, says Barua. His colleagues at Sony TV, the network airing the show, hope it will fill a ratings hole left by the end of the Indian Premier League cricket season.

But the reality singing format is nothing new to Indian viewers.

As far back as the 1990s similar shows were airing on television. Meri Awaaz Suno (Listen to my voice), could lay claim to being one of the world's first reality singing shows, launching the career of Indian singer Sunidhi Chauhan.

Sonu Nigam was the first presenter of reality show Sa Re Ga Ma In 1995, the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa show began. Arguably one of the most popular programmes on Indian television, it has a simple and familiar format, with contestants singing songs in front of a panel of judges before getting feedback.

Still on television now, the show has a number of spin-offs including a children's version, and shows in regional Indian languages. It is also popular with Indians around the world.

The first presenter of Sa Re Ga Ma was Sonu Nigam, who was later replaced by Aditya Narayan. Narayan is the current host of X-Factor. He is India's answer to the UK's Dermot O'Leary - his presenting style and mannerisms are identical.

Western formats like Pop Idol (Indian Idol), and Strictly Come Dancing (Jhalak Dikhhla Ja) are also popular here.

So will the X Factor win the approval of Indian audiences? Ratings for the current show are not yet out, but the calibre of the judging line up could help the show, says Jyoti Venkatesh, an entertainment journalist who has covered Bollywood for more than three decades.

Mr Venkatesh says the reality TV market is already saturated in India: "As of now, we've had enough of reality singing shows. Frankly speaking, there is no room for anymore, but you never know which one will break through and become a success," he says.


Sonu Niigaam Ft In Jogaiaha - Audio Cd Creates History!

Shivaraj kumar's 100th film Jogaiaha has created a record in the Kannada film industry. The audio CDs of the film have registered a record sale within just five days of its release according to Ashwini Media Networks which has the audio rights.

"Music was released on May 19 and within the first few days itself, the first batch of CDs were sold out," confirms Krishnaprasad of Ashwini Networks.

The first batch consisted of 45,000 MP3s and audio CDs. While MP3s are a four-film combination pack, with every audio CD another CD with popular Kannada tracks is being distributed free.


"Following the popularity of the tracks, there has been a repeat order from just not Bangalore and Mysore but also from Davangere, Shimoga, Hubli and Bijapur. Barring Gulbarga, there has been an order for 45,000 more CDs," adds Krishnaprasad.

And which among the songs is the most popular? "The whole album is a hit and that's why people are flocking to buy CDs. If just one or two songs were popular they would be downloaded from the net," he reasons.

It is another thing that the Jogaiaha team has ensured that the songs have not been made available on the internet. Songs have not been broadcast on television nor have been released on radio. It may be recalled that even the songs of Jogi-- -the prequel --- were broadcast on TV only after 50 days of its release.

Lead actor Shivarajkumar is thrilled with the response to the audio. "Our music was released on 19 May which happens to be my wedding anniversary. I couldn't have asked for a better 25th year anniversary gift. Music director Harikrishna has lived up to all the expectations, now it's up to director Prem and me to pass the litmus test," he says.

The songs Kuri, Kolina…and Thagalhakonde…are huge hits
Vijaya Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Niigaam and Kailash Kher are among the popular singers who have lent their voice for the album. Actor Upendra has also crooned a song.

Shivanna is said to have appeared in 16 different getups in this song. He will be seen in the avatars he has donned in some of his own popular films as well. Thagalhakonde… is the song.

The other songs have been penned by director Prem himself. He has even sung a song -- Odale -- along with Shreya Ghoshal. "This song has been picturised in 3D. The team that has worked on the Harry Potter [ Images ] film series has worked on this song. The song will establish the differences between the kinds of wars that were fought in oldtimes --staring from 1947 to the present day gang wars. The title credits will also be in 3D," says Prem.

In Bangalore the film will be released in 11 theatres in the 3D format. 3D format will be also made available in Mangalore, Hospet and Mysore theatres.

Shivarajkumar's 100th film Jogaiaha will hit theatres on August 12. "We will release it on the Varamahalakshmi festival day. Jogi was released during the same time. We hope for Jogaiaha also to receive a similar response from audience," say a hopeful Prem and his producer wife Rakshita

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam, Shreya & Sanjay At 'X Factor India' Press Meeting

Sonu Niigaam Live At KSCA stadium

CCL Buy Tickets and watch Cricket - Ashok Kheney

The heat picks up for the Celebrity Cricket League! On Saturday the Karnataka Bulldozers team – Sandalwood team blue color costume and theme song for it was declared open Ashok Kheney and Kichcha Sudeep in the presence of Shriya Saran and Madhuri Bhattacharya.

Karnataka Bulldozers Gellabeku….is composed by Sonu Nigam. Sonu, Kunal Ganjawala and Sowmya Rao have lent their voice. For another bit to the good moments Dhoom Dhaamak Dham Mare… sung by Vijayaprakash.

Ashok Kheney Managing director of NICE expressed confidence that Karnataka Bulldozers would lift the trophy. Kheney expressed thanks to KFCC for the declaration of holiday to Kannada cinema industry on June 4.

On the opening day on June 4 the cultural show is presented by Sonu Nigam with 1200 folk artists at KSCA stadium.

Tamil films action King Arjun – who has signed ‘Prasada’ for Ashok Kheney will be the star attraction at the inaugural match between Karnataka bulldozers and Bollywood team.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Why The Judges Wanted To Be A Part Of X Factor ??

X Factor India is all set to make its debut on Indian television after entertaining 24 countries and millions of viewers. The first episode will be broadcast on May 29 on Sony TV. The audition episodes will be seen throughout the week on all days at 9 pm from May 29 till June 4. In the week later the top 12 finalists will feature in Galas from June 10 onwards, every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm. The show will have three categories viz. 16-25 years of age, 25 years and above and also groups. There are three judges on the show Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Sanjay Leela Bhansali will be allotted each category to groom. The show is looking for talent and assures to offer the audience a whole package consisting of vocal ability, charisma and stage presence.

Commenting on what made them want to be a part of this show the three judges cite their own reasons.

Sonu Nigam, “This is not a reality show but a music show. I have done so many shows that I had to at one point stop doing them. The last show I did was Indian Idol Season 2. I have been offered so many shows after that but I never took anything up as they were running after TRPs and would want me to stage fights and walkouts on my fellow judges. X factor is purely about singing and will offer a chance to those talented few who don’t get a chance. I used to sing at weddings in Delhi and used to be paid Rs 150 per day and even after collecting the tips used to take home Rs 250 a day. I have sat outside a lot of composer’s office for hours and hours before getting a chance for playback singing. This show will offer a chance to such talented people to make it big and showcase the talent which made me take up this show.”

Shreya Ghoshal, “I broke into the industry with one such show and this show is giving me a chance to reconnect with myself and remember those days when I was a kid who wore a frock and sang on stage. Also Sonu Nigam used to host that show and Sanjay ji gave me a chance to enter this industry. It’s a great emotional feeling to be a part of this show.”

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, “This show has changed me a lot. I have started talking more to people as I have opened up a lot. I never have worked with Sonu before and this was the first time we are on a show and I totally enjoy his company as he is very funny and entertaining. It’s great to see a girl who I had given a chance sitting next to me in the judge’s seat. My films are musical and that’s why I have probably been offered this show.”

With such talented judges we are hoping to see the bar raised for participants too.


Sonu Niigaam Is A Musical God !!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Television Industry Is Ready With New Shows!

If you thought that your romance with television would end with the cricket season, think again! Televsion channels are making sure they lure in viewers and have the recipe in place.

Zee television is coming up with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, season 4 – this time called Music ka Gurucool – with musicians Kailash Kher, Adnan Sami and Javed Ali as the judges and singer Alka Yagnik as the mahaguru. Another new show titled Shobha Somnath Ki will be replacing the ongoing Jhansi ki Rani.

The date for its launch, however, is yet to be decided. Also packed in is a light-hearted family drama called Mrs Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuyein, which revolves around a strict mother in law on the lookout for the perfect bahu. Sa Re Ga Ma… will give way to another reality show on Zee titled Jaanbaaz – a reality stunt show – which will be hosted by actor Sunny Deol and will involve stuntmen of the film industry. The year end will see the third season of Dance India Dance too.

Sony TV too has a good mix of shows in place. The channel will kick off the much awaited X Factor on May 29. The show features singers Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Bade Acche Lagte Hain – a fiction show is one of the biggest launches for the channel which brings back on the small screen actors Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. “We have very thoughtfully charted out an eclectic mix of shows for the rest of the year,” says Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming head of Sony entertainment. Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa are some of other upcoming shows. With Hrithik Roshan debuting on TV with the reality show Just Dance, Star Plus seems promising too. Also in line is a love saga, Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Besides, the channel will be launching Surivor India and Master Chef India Season 2 towards the year end. Sister channel Star One has a dose of a reality TV to offer with Sach ka Saamna, season 4 – hosted by actor Rajeev Khandelwal. Colors promises some nail biting stunts with Khatron ke Khiladi, hosted by Akshay Kumar.

And balancing it will be a fiction show Hamari Saas Leela.
Imagine has Ratan ka Rishta with Hiten Tejwani as host. Dwaarkadheesh and Preeto are other shows in the fiction category.

By Shreya Badola | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA


The Funny Side Of Sonu Niigaam

No love, only laughter for Sonu Niigaam

Sonu Nigam is all geared up for his second attempt as an actor. And this time not as a romantic lead. The singer-turned-actor wants to explore his funny side, which he gave us a glimpse of at a recent award show.

He is adamant to sign only projects that are within the comedy genre and steer clear of romantic flicks. Although, the musician is on a week-long vacation in America, he is busy spending his time looking over four film scripts.

Our source told us, "Sonu is yet to sign the remake of Chashme Buddoor , as he does not have the script yet. He wants to be sure, before signing any film and does not want to make the same mistakes that he had made the first time around."

Source: Sonu Nigam is all geared up for his second attempt as an actor. And this time not as a romantic lead. The singer-turned-actor wants to explore his funny side, which he gave us a glimpse of at a recent award show.

He is adamant to sign only projects that are within the comedy genre and steer clear of romantic flicks. Although, the musician is on a week-long vacation in America, he is busy spending his time looking over four film scripts.

Our source told us, "Sonu is yet to sign the remake of Chashme Buddoor , as he does not have the script yet. He wants to be sure, before signing any film and does not want to make the same mistakes that he had made the first time around."

Source: Sonu Nigam is all geared up for his second attempt as an actor. And this time not as a romantic lead. The singer-turned-actor wants to explore his funny side, which he gave us a glimpse of at a recent award show.

He is adamant to sign only projects that are within the comedy genre and steer clear of romantic flicks. Although, the musician is on a week-long vacation in America, he is busy spending his time looking over four film scripts.

Our source told us, "Sonu is yet to sign the remake of Chashme Buddoor , as he does not have the script yet. He wants to be sure, before signing any film and does not want to make the same mistakes that he had made the first time around."


Sonu Nigam Is On Cloud 9

Singer Sonu Nigam is a proud man today. The singer's first international single has been released by Universal Music. This is the song that Sonu created for the ICC World Cup, which incidentally India won too!

The single titled " Let's Go For Glory" was first sung by the singer at the ICC World Cup opening ceremony in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Giving his comments about his first international release Sonu said, "I want to thank you all for blessing me. I wouldn't have been where I am had it not been for your constant belief in me. This is a small but very significant step for me. But this is a much more Universal song and I truly believe in. I pray that all of us, eventually Go For Glory!"

The singer also made a humble request to all his fans to not to download the song for free. He said, " I'd like to request my friends to make sure that the song is not circulated on free downloads. UMI will notice the power of my music only when the song is legitimately bought. Needless to say the more it's bought, the better we are positioned. It is truly crucial and pivotal for my music thus I am requesting you to Give me your Power."


Sonu Niigaam Live At Chinnaswamy Stadium!

Gear up for some celebrity action...
Just when one thought the cricket fever is coming to an end, the celebrity cricket teams from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film industries are getting set for their very own ‘Celebrity Cricket League’ (CCL).

Other film industries better watch out because namma Kicha Sudeep and his team of ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ have been undergoing intense training for the last two months.
Ask any team member and he will tell you that their only aim right now is to win the cup.
Balancing both movies and cricket practice has been a challenge but the boys have not let anything come between their game.

Six in the morning at Palace Grounds, one can find all the team players assembling for their three-hour workout at the nets.

“We do some physical training for an hour-and-a-half, followed by an intense practice session on the field for another hour. This is rounded off with some more exercise,” says actor Dharma, one of the team members.

The preparations do not end here. A healthy diet plan and a couple of mandatory rules put forth by captain, Sudeep, has kept the team fit. “We can actually see ourselves changing both physically and mentally. Sudeep has instructed us not to party, drink or smoke till the league is over. As gruesome as it is, I feel it has made many of us lead a far more healthy lifestyle,” says actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, another player.

And that’s not all! Team owner Ashok Kheny has provided the team with high-end equipment and even appointed Ramakanth, an on-field doctor and physiotherapist, who has earlier been a consultant to the Indian cricket team.

“During practice, a lot of players tend to suffer from minor sprains and injuries, which need immediate attention. Ramakanth has been very helpful and even suggested some of the exercises that the Indian Cricket Team does before it hits the nets,” says producer Shankar Gowda, who is also a part of the team.

Almost every Sunday, the team plays against the Under 19 or Under 20 team and has been happy with the results.

“Playing against a professional team is tough as it really shows where we stand. We are really focussed on winning and want to put up a tough fight. At the end of the day, it’s not about the celebrities coming out to play for fun, it’s about the game,” explains Tharun Chandra, an all-rounder of the team.

After Amrutha Mahotsava, the CCL has provided another platform for the actors to come together. And the bonding between the boys is very evident.

Most of them have even been given nicknames. “Sudeep has named each one of us. As I love to dive and catch the ball, I am called the ‘Jonty Rhodes of the team’,” laughs Dharma.

Chiranjeevi adds, “I feel leagues like this are useful as they not only help us beat the stress, but also give us an opportunity to know our colleagues from other industries.”
Since the league will begin in Bangalore, the rest of the film industry is also expected to be headed towards the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

As part of the inauguration, Sonu Nigam will be giving an energetic performance.
There will be two matches –– ‘Chennai Rhinos’ vs ‘Telugu Warriors’ and ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ vs ‘Mumbai Heroes’ –– at Chinnaswamy Stadium on June 4.
So here’s looking out for some more cricket.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Jogayya'

Jogayya a most awaited Kannada flick is releasing its
much-anticipated audio on May 18.

Jogayya Kannada movie was originally scheduled to
release its audio CD on April 24, but now the glitzy event of
the Audio release of Jogayya Movie is postponed to May 18.

Jogayya Kannada movie starring Hat-trick hero Shivaraj Kumar and
bollywood hot actress Kangana Ranaut is directed by Prem and
produced by his wife Rakshita.

Having completed 25 years now in the Kannada film industry Jogayya
marks actor Shivanna’s 100th film. Jogaiah is a sequel of the movie
Jogi a Kannada blockbuster of 2005. Jogayya has already amassed
great expectations from fans amidst rumors that director Prem and
his producer wife Rakshita have shelled out a whooping Rs 1.5 crores
on a special song in the movie which has been shot on 3D technology
with more than 200 experts having worked on it.

Also the most interesting thing about Having completed 25 years
now in the Kannada film industry Jogayya
marks actor Shivanna’s 100th film. Jogayya is a sequel of the movie
Jogi a Kannada blockbuster of 2005. Jogayya has already amassed
great expectations from fans amidst rumors that director Prem and
his producer wife Rakshita have shelled out a whooping Rs 1.5 crores
on a special song in the movie which has been shot on 3D technology
with more than 200 experts having worked on it.

Also the most interesting thing about Jogayya movie is that Tamil
Super Star Rajnikanth is appearing in a guest role in the movie.

Music for Jogayya is composed by V Harikrishna while Nagesh has
choreographed the songs. The music rights of Jogayya has been
brought by Ashwini Audios. Producer Ms. Prem Rakshitha is planning
to release Jogaiah audio at a grand function scheduled for May 18.

The movie was shot at Muththathhi with a song being picturised in
Mysore and patch work at Mysore Jilla Panchayat office. Director
Prem plans to release Jogayya movie on Vara Mahalakshmi festival
which also coincides with the day Jogi was released.

Music of Jogayya is now released !!

01 Jogayya - Sonu Niigaam
02 Harahara Mahadev - Shanker Mahadevan
03 I Love You - Upendra and Priya Himesh
04 Yee Kurina - Khailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal & Vijaya Prakash
05 Baraiah Jogayya - Shreya Ghoshal
06 Yaaru Kanadooru - Sonu Niigaam & Shreya Ghoshal
07 Odo Odo Odole - Prem & Shreya Ghoshal
08 Mother Theme song - instrumental

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Sings For Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam

Cast : Duniya Vijay, Ramya, Rangayanna Raghu
Producer : Jayanna , Bhogendra
Director : Preetham Gubbi
Music Director : V.Harikrishna
Lyrics : Kaviraj, Yograj Bhat, Jayant Kalkini
Cassettes and CDs : Anand Audio
Banner : Jayanna Combines

01 Yaava Seemeya - Sonu Niigaam
02 Diva Diva - Kailash Kher, Priyadarshini
03 Shirtu Pantinalli - Harikrishna, Chetan
04 Ellavannu Keluvase - Sonu Niigaam, Rangayana
05 Bhavalokada Rayabarige - Shamita Malnad

Sonu Niigaam & Rishi Kapoor In Chashme Baddoor Remake

Chintuji, Veer Singh, Santosh Duggal, Ali Beg and Bauji. This is the array of characters Rishi Kapoor has to his credit in recent times.

Ranging from a disciplinarian elderly Sikh to a middle class guy struggling to live up to his family's expectations to even playing god, Kapoor has dabbled in a wide variety of characters.

And now to add to this assortment, he will play Lallan Mian, a Hyderabadi panwala with a typical accent in David Dhawan's version of the 1981 film Chashme Baddoor


Sonu Niigaam In 'Chashme Baddoor'

Rishi Kapoor will portray one of the most famous panwalas of Hindi cinema, Lallan Mian in the remake of Chashme Baddoor

Chintuji, Veer Singh, Santosh Duggal, Ali Beg and Bauji. This is the array of characters Rishi Kapoor has to his credit in recent times.

Ranging from a disciplinarian elderly Sikh to a middle class guy struggling to live up to his family’s expectations to even playing god, Kapoor has dabbled in a wide variety of characters.

And now to add to this assortment, he will play Lallan Mian, a Hyderabadi panwala with a typical accent in David Dhawan’s version of the 1981 film Chashme Baddoor.

After Rascals, David Dhawan is gearing up to remake the Sai Paranjpe directed classic. He had already signed Ali Zafar and Sonu Nigam for the lead roles. Rishi Kapoor is the recent addition to the team.

A source divulged, “Davidji is very excited about making this all time classic. The film was a super hit and started a new trend of small budget films with humour and romance.

Davidji has already finalised Sonu Niigaam & Ali Zafar and in the roles of Faroque Shaikh and Ravi Baswani, respectively. Now Rishi Kapoor will be playing the role of Lallan Mian. In the original film, Saeed Jaffrey played the role of a local panwala who would give cigarettes on credit to these young guys.

It was a parallel track along to the Faroque Shaikh and Deepti Naval romance. It is an interesting casting as Rishi Kapoor is known for his unique comic timing.”

David Dhawan remained unavailable for comments. But we hope with his sense of humour, Chintuji surpasses the original Lallan Mian. It will give us all the more reason to laugh!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Honoured With The Gitanjali WOW Award !!

The WOW Paradigm, for the most breakthrough event in the year gone by, was presented for the XIX Commonwealth Games Ceremonies to Wizcraft International

The glittering ceremony of Lemon Mobiles presents Gitanjali WOW Awards 2011 culminated in April at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai. The exclusive telecast of the award ceremony will be on SONY Entertainment Television on May 15, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.

The WOW Awards were instituted in 2009 by EVENTFAQS, to celebrate excellence in Events, Entertainment and LIVE Experience creation. Awards were given out in 25 categories of varied formats of events and experiences at the ceremony and as a new inclusion to the WOW Awards, LIVE Personalities were also acknolwedged at the ceremony. The title sponsor for the WOW Awards 2011 is Gitanjali, while Lemon Mobiles is the presenting sponsor.

The WOW Paradigm, for the most breakthrough event in the year gone by, was presented for the XIX Commonwealth Games Ceremonies to Wizcraft International. The three wizzes, Sabbas Joseph, Andre Timmins and Viraf Sarkari, were present at the ceremony to accept their awards.

The Gitanjali WOW Awards 2011 celebrated events in the likes of Sunburn in the Live Entertainment Event of Year category, The Star Parivaar Awards in the Televised Event of the Year category, The Global Indian Music Academy Awards and the NDTV Toyota Greenies won in the New Event of the year category, while CID Gallantry Awards and the Google Creative Sandbox won in the Event property by a Media Brand category.

A special honour of the WOW LIVE Patron was presented to Mehul Choksi, Chairman of Gitanjali Group. Many LIVE platforms have seen the endorsement of Gitanjali Group's brands, and it is this unending support and belief in LIVE experience platforms, that was acknowledged through this award.

The Gitanjali WOW Awards also acknowledged the LIVE performers that make an integral part of any LIVE event, celebration or experience. The WOW LIVE Personality is an acknowledgement from the Event and Experiential Marketing industry to those LIVE Personalities that truly make an event as buzzing as it should be. The personalities that warrant a media frenzy at events and create a connect with the audiences. WOW LIVE Personality honours were presented to Sunidhi Chauhan and Sonu Nigam in the Music segment and Mona Singh and Ronit Roy in the Television segment.

Catch the best of the event and entertainment industry with a glittering line-up of artist performances, including, Sameera Reddy, Yana Gupta, Kailash Kher, Hard Kaur, Claudia Ciesla. That's not all, the ceremony also features a standup comedy act by Cyrus Sahukar and Ankur Tewari, a signature international act by Yogi's Angels and an act by TV sensations Diwakar - Sonia. The ceremony is hosted by the bubbly Mona Singh and humorous Vishal Malhotra.

Catch glimpses of Yash Birla, Samir Soni, Anjana Sukhani,Tanisha Mukherjee, Nikhil Chinnappa, Sayali Bhagat and Shibani Kashyap, amongst others at the WOW Awards 2011 telecast only SONY Entertainment Television, this Sunday, May 15, at 8:00 p.m..

The telecast will be followed by the 'GO LIVE' party with a glittering Gitanjali Lifestyle presents Nishka Lulla fashion show on ZOOM TV at 10:00 p.m. on the same day, May 15, 2011.


Sonu Niigaam's Fan Crashed Sonu's Range Rover Vogue !!

Sonu Niigaam's fan, Atlaf Qureishi, who crashed into his brand-new Range Rover Vogue sent us an apology after reading the story in Mid-day and requested it be passed on to Sonu (which we did). Qureishi, who is a signboard maker, says that he is grateful to Sonu that in spite of his manager having caught him and frisked him, didn't take any money from him and let him go.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Has The X Factor - Sanjay Leela Bansali

Magic Realism

Sanjay Leela Bhansali deconstructs his magical world of movies, counters criticism and indulges in producer speak all within the same interview! Excerpts from a lengthy conversation on movies and more.

Do you believe in the X factor?
X factor is something that cannot be defined. Some people have it and you know it when you see it. Dilip (Kumar) saab or Amitabh Bachchan or Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya. It is evident in that moment of magic you create with your performance — for instance, Govinda when he is dancing. Or Helen aunty. Among singers, it would have to be Sonu Niigaam, Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan during their performance.

Is the X factor a criteria for people whom you choose as actors for your movies?
Absolutely. It is essential. There are so many kids I auditioned during Black, but why did I choose that particular girl (Ayesha Kapoor)? Because of the X factor. I had seen a picture of her running away from the camera — a still picture. It was a back shot with her hair flying but I felt there was something in that girl. The co-ordinator was aghast because I had not even seen her face, just her hair flying, but a certain aura was enough. Ranbir has the X factor that is so evident. And it is not only big stars that have it but even actors like Shernaz Patel or Suhel Seth who I worked with, they are all so charismatic while performing.


Monday, 9 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam & Pyarelalji Recreate The Magic Of Laxmikant-Pyarelals Melodies

MUMBAI: More than 100 musicians rejuvenated the golden era of 60s and 70s by playing live, to the evergreen compositions of the legendary musical duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal, at Maestros 2011 on Saturday, 6th May 2011 in Mumbai.

The concert was a dream come true for music lovers, as the Legendary music director Pyarelal of the music duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal performed live after twenty years on 80 evergreen songs with Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sudesh Bhosle, Shail Hada, Srikant Kulkarni and Vabhavari Joshi and more than 100 musicians with 60 chorus singers on stage. The musical night recreated the magic of Laxmikant- Pyarela’s Unprecedented compositions as it included musicians who had composed the original song with the duo in the 70s playing live on stage.

RJ Anmol hosted Maestros 2011 and also present at the concert were singers L Subramaniam, Shweta Pandit, Actress Amrita Rao, Kunika Lall and others.

Receiving a standing ovation Pyarelal said, “It is a big day for the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo. Today, all the songs of Laxmi will be played live with these 100 exceptional musicians on stage. The set up is just the same and reminds of the recordings in 70’s. I am very delighted and hope the show recreates the magic of the 70s.”

Kavita Krishnamurthy opened the concert by singing the popular song Main Khwabon Ki Shehzadi from Mr India.

Speaking on this occasion Kavita Krishnamurthy said, “I have worked with the duo for 20 years and performing with these 100 musicians makes me feel that I am recording with my musical family at the Mehboob Studio. Laxmikant and Pyarelal are my guru and whatever I am today is because of the finest songs given by them.''

Before singing the hit song "Jumma Chumma De De…" Sudesh Bhosle said, “While offering the song Laxmiji and Pyareji predicted that this song will ne a big hit and will change my life and fortunately they proved to be right. This song gave me a new identity, and whatever I am today it is because of this song.”

Siddhant, Sudesh Bhosle's son also presented one song and seeked the blessings of Pyarelal.

Presenting some of the immortal songs of Mohammed Rafi, Sonu Nigam said, "I feel lucky that I got a chance to sing with Laxmiji and Pyareji. During my struggling days whenever I passed from the houses of Laxmiji and Pyareji i used to bow my head
as a mark of respect to them.”

Alka Yagnik who has won Two Filmfare Awards out of seven for Laxmikant-Pyarelal songs, mesmerized the audience with the favorite ‘Ek Do Teen’. Alka Yagnik said, “It is an honour to be on stage to sing Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s melodies. I am still learning music and will keep learning all my life but I can say that whatever I have learnt it is from Laxmikant and Pyarelal.”


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Saving The Flamingos Through Music !!

Sonu Niigaam is super thrilled. His song Let's Go For Glory that he sung at the opening of the World Cup 2011 has been released by a top American recording company.

"I had put my whole heart into that composition, and this appreciation is truly touching," he says. And that's not all; Sonu has also been composing music for a feature film called Jal, which focuses on saving the flamingos.

CS spoke to Sonu about his new project, his love for nature and the idea of singers promoting various causes.

In harmony
The film is based on water scarcity in Kutch, and the problems resulting from it. The director (Girish Malik) wanted a score that was very rooted and yet had an international feel. One of the best parts has been collaborating with Bickram Ghosh for the music. I am huge fan of Bickram. He is a fabulous tabla player and percussionist. We have also found a term for our music Muddy Electronica. It describes a kind of music that's western with a distinct Indian touch. We also have with us Shubha Mudgal, who is a superb singer.

One with nature
I am a crazy guy (smiles). I once disappeared in 2006 for seven-eight days without saying a word to anyone. I was trekking in the Nandadevi Biosphere savouring the wonderful sights of nature. Again in 2009, I told my wife that I needed to disappear for a while. I spent two months alone in the countryside in the US. Spending time with nature is a great form of 'me-time'. When I am surrounded by nature, I realise that music is not my profession, it's me. As I introspect further, I feel that the money, fame, awards, etc are just peripherals. The worldly achievements are just a part of the inner journey into the world of music. Well, I haven't had much time for a break recently but I'm soon planning to head to Ranthambore National Park for a wildlife holiday.

Singing for a cause
Well, no one has approached me to sing for any particular cause till date. Recently, when Kailash (Kher) sang in support of Anna Hazare, I felt it was a wonderful gesture. He behaved like a true Indian citizen who believes in putting his best for his country. Sadly, there are many singers both in India and abroad who use social causes as publicity vehicles. This hurts me a lot. I have sung for various issues right from anti-dowry to AIDS to women's causes, but I don't like to talk about them. However, if someone approached me to compose some music or sing for tiger conservation, I would do it instantly.

By: Urmimala Banerjee Date: 2011-04-26 Place: Mumbai


Friday, 6 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Visits Aadesh Srivastava In Hospital

Music composer Aadesh Srivastava is going through the tough phase of his life as he is diagnosed with cancer but what mentally broken down Aadesh the most is his isolated by his Bollywood friends with whom he has worked together for years. They did not feel to pay him a visit or asked about his well being.

Aadesh said, "Falling ill so suddenly was traumatic. But the cold-shoulder treatment I got from the people with whom I've closely worked with for years, has caused me even more damage than the disease itself. Nobody came to visit me after I fell sick."

Aadesh had to sell his favourite Hummer car to pay the hospital bills. He told us, "I sold it at a throwaway price. I wanted my family to be with me. I'm a very emotional person. If a friend needs me, I will run at 2 am to help.

Where were all my friends during the worst time of my life?" Counted people from the film industry came to see him like singer Sonu Niigaam, Shaan, Shekhar Suman lyricist Prasoon Joshi and director J.P. Dutta. Among the actors who visited ail Aadesh are the Bachchans, Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty.

Aadesh Srivastava diagnosed with this dreaful disease during at the GIMA awards. Recalling the miserable day of his life, he said, "It was at the GIMA awards that I felt unusually fatigued. I couldn't see through my right eye. The next day I was told to go for a blood test. That's when my cancer was discovered."


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Money Devo Bhava'

NEW DELHI: Bollywood director and writer Anand Sivakumaran is busy directing a young contemporary campus film, Money Devo Bhava, in Jaipur these days to highlight the ugly side of the materialistic world.

“My new film is not about candyfloss romance. It is about real kids, real romance and real issues. This is a story that is happening everyday in colleges across the country,” says Anand.

“To give a feel of college life and make cinemagoers identify with the characters, we are shooting the film in a real college in Jaipur and not in a studio in Mumbai.”

Since it is a film about the younger generation, Money Devo Bhava has fresh young faces that look straight out of college. Anand has roped in newcomers like Nikhil, Yoshika Verma and Maanvi Gagroo for this film.

Money Devo Bhava revolves round the theme of how important money and brands have become to the youth and how their dreams and aspirations are focused around the brands they wear.

In the era of quick money, four youngsters studying in a college in North India have come out with a plan to strike it rich. Aditya, a handsome, talented and intelligent guy, is friendly with Shiuli and is now falling for another girl Avanti. As he does not get much pocket money he loses out to rich kids studying on the campus.

Aditya wishes he could be in the position of rich students.

Raghav is a veritable Machiavelli who is willing to guide Aditya to fulfil his ambition.

He detests the rich and has a plan up his sleeves. Aditya is willing to be a tool but soon realises that in life everything comes at a cost.

Shedding light on the film, producer Atul Pandey, who had earlier made Summer 2007 on the thought-provoking subject of farmer suicides, says his new film talks about corruption in our life.

“We are witnessing so many scandals relating to the Commonwealth Games and 2G spectrum that everyone is talking about corruption these days. As I wanted to make a contemporary film, I have highlighted how deep corruption is in our society. People who move around in flashy cars and splurge money on jewellery are seen as icons. But people, especially the youth, are unaware from where these wealthy people have earned their money. So the film talks about materialism and how important it has become in relationships.”

Earlier, materialism was associated with only Delhi and Mumbai but today every city is having so many wealthy people around, he adds.

Male lead Nikhil, who considers himself lucky to be working in the film, says: “I am starting very young. It is almost like joining college. I play Adi who is just like a normal happy-go-lucky type of youngster.”

“The role is very young, very me. It is the kind of movie every youngster would relate to. It is a perfect debut platform,” says Yoshika.

Gourav Dasgupta has given the music for the film and the songs have been sung by Sonu Nigam and others.


Sonu Niigaam 'Mad Over Donuts'

Singer Sonu Niigaam was yesterday spotted in a totally new avatar. He was wearing a white shirt and trouser at Mad Over Donuts at Versova yesterday. He looked totally excited for the donuts.

The excitement could be seen on his face as he & his friends scanned through all the different

flavored donuts to select THE ONE. Not only was he excited but also the employees at the store too were so happy.

Well this is what happens when your seen after a long time, but as someone rightly said “Sweeten your tastebuds before staring any new job”, so why not a delicious donut from Mad Over Donuts.

May this sweetness have a long lasting effect on your life Sonu.


Sonu Niigaam To Perform At The 'Nashik Festival'

Nashik, Jan 22 (PTI) The 16-day `Nashik Festival', which will see a range of cultural, sports and other events, was inaugurated here last night.Maharashtra PWD Minister Chhagan Bhujbal declared the second edition of the festival, sponsored by Indiabulls and conceived by Bhujbal Foundation, open at a gathering.Various programmes, including sports, cultural, devotional singing competitions, food festival, handloom and handicraft fair, are being organised at the event.Cyclothon, in which 150 cyclists, including some from overseas, is one of the main attractions of the festival.Nashik athlete Kavita Raut, who won medals at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games last year, is the brand ambassador of the fest.As part of the event, free medical check-up camps have been arranged at tehsil place for the villagers, Bhujbal told reporters.The festival will conclude on February 5 with a colourful music programme in which singers Sonu Nigam, Abhijit Sawant, Anand Shinde, dancer Amruta Khanvilkar and actress Sonali Kulkarni will participate


City Youth Gear Up For Anna Rally Today

MUMBAI: Jalpa Thaker, 19, an IT engineering student, will put her studies aside tonight and cheer loudly in support of Anna Hazare and the Lokpal Bill at the 'Youth Against Corruption' rally at the Gateway of India.

"I feel I have to contribute my might to the issue, it will make things better for the country," she said. Jalpa's friends will be joined by Bhushan Gaikar (39) and his group of health instructors and body builders in their fight against corruption. who also feel that they have to put in a effort to make a change and curb corruption.

Gaikar (39) said, "The time has come to take a stand. comes a time in your life when you have to take a stand and this is one such time. Me and my group of bodybuilders will be there to do our part in making the country a better place to live in," he added.

K Ramakrishna, a member of the National Association of the Blind (NAB), will also be coming to be there to cheer for Anna Hazare. Ramakrishna, a teacher at the S P Jain Institute of Management, said at least 15 of his companions, who are completely blind, will be going to the rally with him.

Yomesh Panchmatia, coordinator for the India Against Corruption campaign, said they expect a huge crowd at the Gateway for the programme, which will begin at 6 pm.

Panchmatia said, "We have got a great response from the public to our campaign. There will be youth drawn from different colleges, firms and institutions. Hundred of persons from the National Association of the Blind(NAB), members of body builders associations as well as artists and writers.

There will be a performance by members of NAB tonight and a artist Keya Banerjee will paint a picture depicting corruption in different forms at the venue."

He added that rock band Anahat will perform a specially-composed song, Mera Neta Chindi Chor at the event and activist Kiran Bedi will address the public.
Singer Sonu Niigaam will also perform for the crowd.

Talks with several youth in the city showed that they were keen on coming for the rally. Prateek Khandelwal, 21, a third year engineering student at Thakur Engineering College. "I am a follower of the Art of Living movement and feel that I should contribute to the cause of curbing corruption in India. The fight will be long and hard but we have to begin somewhere, and this is the right time,'' he said with a smile.


Sonu Niigaam Sings For ' Laxmikant Pyarelal Again

The classics of Bollywood duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal will be explored again with a concert on May 7. A Musical Journey Of The Maestros, to be held at Andheri Sports Complex, was turned into a large-scale, celebrity event under the guidance of Pyarelal himself. “I wanted to have a musical event without an y dancing and performances,” says the veteran composer, adding that such concerts stopped in the mid-1980s. “We had some Laxmikant-Pyarelal shows abroad, with 50-odd musicians and stars like Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz. Then actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan began performance-oriented shows. Lataji (Mangeshkar) and Ashaji (Bhosle) started doing only one show a year. So the era of musical concerts came to a halt.”

So when a foundation approached him for a musical event, Pyarelal suggested turning it into a major concert because the city hadn’t witnessed anything like it in over two decades. “I spoke to Sonu Nigaam, Sudesh Bhosale, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Alka Yagnik. And they were all very glad to collaborate,” says the composer. Shail Hada, Vibhavari Joshi, Shrikant Kulkarni and Sudesh Bhosale’s son Siddhanth will also sing hits composed by the duo.

He recalls, “Sonu has spent considerable time in planning the concert. I insisted that he should sing more and not dance like he’d like do for contemporary tracks.” The composer is enthusiastic about the 100-piece orchestra which will accompany the singers. Sonu will be singing some of Mohammad Rafi’s hit songs, while Sudesh will recreate Kishore Kumar’s chartbusters. Ask Pyarelal about the contemporary music scene and he replies, “Now all that dhinchak (trashy) music has stopped,” he observed, adding, “Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Salim-Suleiman are recreating the melodies that we had in our music. Although today’s music falls behind in poetry, I’m sure that it will return to film songs soon.”