To all the fans of Vijay's blog, a very happy Christmas and a great new year to u. Keep blessing and supporting genuine music and genuine music lovers.. Lots of love and prayers. Sonu Niigaam 18/12/09
"I know now Oh Lord, how much You love me, after I see my own self love my son !" (Sonu Niigaam (080708 0830am IST, Bangkok, Millionaire Hilton, room 2328)

Namaste, Salaam, Sat Shri Akaal & Welcome !!

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Sonu Nigam At Ajmer Sharif 12-04-13

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sophie Choudry - Sonu Niigaam

I'm a huge Sonu Niigaam fan
The quality of his voice is outstanding - Sophie Choudry

Saturday, 29 August 2009

MJ This One's For You - Now Released !!

MJ This One's for You is up on Itunes for free download!
Get the song from the link below!! available right now
'Happy Birthday Michael We Love You'
Check out the video:

MJ This One's For You - out now for download on itunes !!
Singers - Sonu Niigaam, Natalie Di Luccio, Jonita Gandhi
George Kuruvilla, Devika Mathur, Parashar Joshi, Salman Asif
Composed by Saikat-Shankar
Lyrics - Geetha Balsaara & Sowmya Raoh
Mixing and mastering: Pramod Chandorkar
Promotions by Kaveta Chhibber
Courtesy: Face book!!
Project Co - Ordinator : Shyama Govind
Project by Team Sonu Niigaam!!

Sonu Niigaam has been a fan of the late Michael Jackson for
Most of his life so it is only natural for the star to pay tribute
To the king of pop on what would have been his 51st birthday today
In a project with other international musicians Sonu asked fans
On facebook for suggestions for a tribute track which was released today !!
Sonu sings on the track together with the chosen singers
Natalie Di Luccio, Jonita Gandhi, George Kuruvill
Devika Mathur, Parashar Joshi, and Salman Asif.

The singer also pays his respects to Michael Jackson on his facebook page
Praising him as his inspiration and hoping that his music will live on forever:
"Team Sonu Niigaam wishes the great Michael Jackson a very very happy birthday... Happy Birthday MJ...May you rest in peace wherever you are.. thank you for being our source of inspiration..may your music and your life continue to motivate generations... to come..We celebrate your life today on this forum...MJ, This One's for you.. We will always love you!!"
I am overwhelmed at the way everything turned up so smoothly and feel in place just for his birthday. I see so many immense possibilities to create great music now, even more. This could be the beginning of another trend, an independent music industry free from the dogmas of the conventional mindset of the commerce of music. I see concerts, I see albums, I see new singers, composers, super hit songs, so much will happen."
With stars like Sonu Niigaam, Michael’s music is sure to live on forever!
"MJ - This One’s for You." By Kaveta A Chhibber - A must read !! Presents those who made it all possible.

The Lyrics - MJ This One's for You

You brought a song to everyone's lips
You moon walked your way through those crazy years
You struck us all with your magic, for us you're the 'King of Music'

The critics saw just a facet, they said you stayed ‘In the Closet'
It killed you, but you still urged, to ‘Come Together' and 'Heal the World'

MJ, this one's for you, now in death, hope you get your due
With heavy hearts, we bid adieu, we will always Love you....

We do believe, you were a Child of God,a beacon of light, like a star you shone
A colorful life, be it 'Black or White' you lived it all, in bright limelight

You asked us all 'Will you be there?'we let you down, led you to despair
Forgive us, we didn't realize, you were for us, a blessing in disguise

Believe us now, for we've learnt our lesson
We miss you so, we wish our pain to lessen
Hope you've found peace up above somewhere, everyone of us is saying a silent prayer

MJ, this one's for you, now in death, hope you get your due
With heavy hearts, we bid adieu, we will always Love you....

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Friday, 28 August 2009

Sowmya: My MJ tribute due respect for Jackson & Sonu Niigaam!

Strangers coming together to create a beautiful, rare tribute song to the great Michael Jackson, thanks to the initiative taken by singing superstar Sonu Niigaam.

Each step of song-making, both lyrically and musically, was put up on his fanpage, and everything about the project has been a public exercise. It is a gift to the world, and iTunes will run it for free downloads to attract maximum attention. Almost all those involved in the project have met only through Sonu Niigaam's Facebook Fanpage. And that's what makes the whole project unique.

As is by now well known, one of Bollywood's top crooner, Sowmya Raoh has co-written the MJ Tribute song. When we talked to a visibly happy Sowmya (due to the overwhelming global response) she disclosed, ''The reason for me to get involved in the project is genuine respect for both, Michael Jackson and Sonu Niigaam. And everyone involved in the project has done it out of pure love for MJ.''

Great to hear about a new side of this versatile singer, whose songs in films like WELCOME and KRAZZY 4 are still quite popular. Here's looking forward to her latest probable hit track ''Beautiful Woman'' from David Dhawan's upcoming DO KNOT DISTURB.
Sowmya Raoh Co-Writes Michael Jackson Tribute Song

Strangers coming together to create a beautiful, rare tribute song to the great Michael Jackson, thanks to the initiative taken by singing superstar Sonu Niigaam.
Almost all those involved in the project have met only through Sonu Niigaam's Facebook Fanpage. And that’s what makes the whole project unique.

Each step of song-making, both lyrically and musically, was put up on his Fanpage, and everything about the project has been a Public exercise. It is a gift to the world, and i-tunes will run it for Free Downloads to attract maximum attention.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sonu Niigaam's Neene Bari Neene Album Now released !

Its so exiting, there is so much news to share this week !
Neene bari Neene - You Only You By Sonu Niigaam & Mano Murthy
Is now released all over !

Ace Musician Mano Murthy has scored music for the lyrics of Jayant Kaikini.
Popular model Madhuri Bhattacharya is playing the female lead

'Neene Bari Neene' is all about son-father relationship, culture and public welfare. The album, which include Basavanna's song, has been shot in Mysore, Madikere, Bangalore, Kaveri and Nandi hill stations. It deals with Ashok Kheny's life from his childhood to present day.

Track list:

1. Innu Anisutide
2. Naa Ninagaagi
3. Neene Bari Neene
4. Ninna Hindeye
5. Beku Beku
6. Baa Nodu Gelati
7. Eega Bandiruve
8. Ideye Ninage Samaya
9. Haaduntu Namma Naadali

Ideya ninage Samaya reminds me of Mohd Rafi's
kashmir ki Kali and Baa Nodu Gelati is also fab !
An awesome album awaited for so long !!

Making heads turn

The album Neene Bari Neene which is set for launch this month is the
Most ambitious non-film Kannada album

The album Neene Bari Neene which is set for launch this month is the most ambitious non-film Kannada album. The album brings together singer Sonu Nigam, composer Mano Murthy and lyricist Jayanth Kaikini.

The three first worked together in the super hit Kannada film Mungaaru Male. Neene Bari Neene is a full-fledged album and the first in Kannada on such a large scale. Two out of the 10 songs in the album have been picturised on model-turned-actress Madhuri Bhattacharrya and Sonu. “Sonu was with us for all the eight days of shooting and it was like two boys hanging out together,” says Madhuri.

Exploring beautiful locales of Coorg
The title track of the album was shot in Madikeri market. “The song is a story in itself. I have been to Coorg many a times, but I did not know that there are still so many unexplored beautiful places there. It is a sweet, romantic, this-could-happen-to-me kind of song. The second song was very special. I got to wear the Kodava saree. And the last scene came out very realistic as I was supposed to pick up a jewellery set and admire myself before the mirror. As I love jewellery, I got so engrossed that I forgot when the director called for ‘cut’. I actually ended up buying the jewellery after the shoot was over. The happiness on my face is real,” said Madhuri.

Spending Big Bucks
The songs are no doubt the costliest in the Kannada market so far. “The two songs cost as much as a small budget Kannada film would. But I can promise that they are no less than any international album song,” says Prashanth Sambargi, the media consultant for the project.

Madhuri says the experience of working with Sonu was a first for her. “I had told my mum not to ask Sonu questions as if she were in a press meet when she meet him. She promised but continued to ask him all sorts of questions. At a dinner hosted by Ashok Kheny (the producer of the album) it was the same situation. People were asking him every sort of question. But he is such a humble and a jovial person that he obliged. When the guests requested him to hum a few lines, he joked asking them to pay Rs 10 lakh if they wanted to hear him sing. Ashok Kheny was ready to pay! But Sonu sang a few lines nonetheless. His singing is nothing less than magical and a miracle,” says Madhuri. Ashok Kheny wanted the songs to be shot entirely in Karnataka. Vikram Razdan has directed the videos.

Source; Bangalore Mirror Bureau
The fabulous playback singer Sonu Nigam sung nine Kannada songs in ‘Neene Bari Neene’ in the combination of ace Kannada film music director Mano Murthy and top ranking lyricist Jayanth Kaikini that was released on last Thursday evening at Windsor Manor by AKK Entertainers. For the trio magic – Sonu-Mano-Jayanth the NICE Company proprietor the big name in Karnataka Ashok Kheney joining hands to make the audio album a video album too has given a new lift to the entire project.

Sonu Nigam has so far sung six songs in an album of his professional career and it is for Kannada he has rendered his voice for nine Kannada songs. He has also appeared in the two video of his songs that has the direction of Vikram Razdan.

It is this trio Sonu-Jayanth-Mano combination in Kannada cinema has given nearly 20 plus lovely songs right from the days of ‘Mungaru Male’ released in December 2006 end.

Boasting a lot on this project Jayanth Kaikini explained that there is variety in the nine songs and monotony was a big challenge that was successfully overcome he said. The film, folk, Bhavageetha, Ghazal, western are all mixed in this album. All the nine songs are very good in quality he stated.

This is one and half year’s project and the idea was first mooted by Sonu Nigam. He wanted to give something to the people of Karnataka. I fell in love with the idea of Sonu Nigam disclosed music director of high reputation for his quality and soothing effect Mano Murthy.

My job was easiest said the director of video album of ‘Neene Bari Neene’ Vivek Razdan. The Karnataka state has wonderful locations and nine wonders here I have plans in the later days he said.

Ashok Kheney feeling happy for the first album ‘Neene Bari Neene’ said he has spent Rs.1 crore on the project and this is without the payment of Sonu Nigam. Sonu said no payment for his nine songs singing and appearance in the video album disclosed Kheney. This is the admiration he had shown to the people of Karnataka who have given him two film fare awards plus lot of affection.

Ashok Kheney announced series of projects on this occasion of audio album release. 13part television serial on Sri Shivakumra Swamiji of 102 years in the direction of Deepak Thimmaiah, a similar program on Sri Balagangadharanath Swamiji, Art of Living Ravi Shanker, a rock band in the age group of 13 to 15, two film projects that are on subjects very apt to the current social set up, evolving a male and female singer annually to introduce to the Kannada cinema industry and give them world tour with Sonu Nigam, giving a home for Sonu Nigam and making him our man plus the Hindi film ‘Prem Game’ starring Salman Khan, Arbaz Khan and others are the projects in pipeline for Ashok Kheney.

The two of the video form of the songs Ba Nodu Gelathi Navilu Gari Mari Hakidhe… starring Sonu and Madhuri Bhattacharya and title track Neene Bari Neene….were screened at the Windsor Manor prior to the media briefing. Madhuri Bhatacharya and Imtiaz are the other characters in the two songs screened.
IndiaGlitz - Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sonu Niigaam Sings For Nadeem/Shravan's ' Do Knot Disturb

Plug in your ear-phones, there’s real kool music coming your way!
BIG Music brings you the soundtrack from David Dhawan’s latest offering
‘Do Knot Disturb’, a film that brings back the duo that always makes you laugh out loud -Jodi No. 1, David Dhawan and Govinda.

Adding to the entire experience is Nadeem-Shravan’s music. The film is set to release worldwide on Oct. 2 is a co-production between BIG Pictures and Vashu Bhagnani’s Puja Films.

Do Knot Disturb’s music was launched yesterday on Aug. 25. Govinda, David Dhawan, the film’s producer Vashu Bhagnani, music director Shravan from Nadeem- Shravan duo, lyricist Sameer and singers Neeraj Shridhar and Anushka Manchanda were present on this occasion. Actors Riteish Deshmukh and Lara Dutta joined via video conference from London, which was the event’s highlight.

Music director duo Nadeem-Shravan has created the music album of ‘Do Knot Disturb’. Retro, bhangra, rap….you’ll find something for every mood here! The key songs ‘Mere Naal’ and ‘Bebo’ capture two distinctive moods.

‘Mere Naal’ has a distinctive Punjabi tadka, with its infectious bhangra beats. This song is high on energy, with a strong hook and has all the makings of a chartbuster. K.K., Jigar Saraiya, Shreya Ghoshal and Nitika Kanwar pump up the tempo with their enthusiastic renditions. The track is picturised on Lara, Govinda & Ritesh with lavish backdrops.

‘Bebo’ has vocals by Neeraj Shridhar and Anushka Manchanda who add verve and attitude to this song. Picturised in the locales of Dubai, the song has a super cool, youthful feel.

“Do Knot Disturb’s music is sure to be a hit with today’s youth. The numbers are so danceable, you just can’t stop!” says David Dhawan.

Vashu Bhagnani, the producer of the film says “Nadeem-Shravan have created superlative music in this film. It will go down very well with our audience.” While music director Shravan says, “Do Knot Disturb’s music has something for everybody. The six songs encapsulate different moods and as always, have a variety of melodies.”

Other than these, there’s also ‘Zulfaen Khol Khal Ke’, a naughty and flirty number sung by Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Sriram; ‘Don’t Ever Leave Me’, a foot-tapping and breezy song by Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal, the eminently hummable ‘Beautiful Woman’ by Neeraj Shridhar and Sowmya Raoh and the peppy and pulsating title song ‘Do Knot Disturb’ by T. K. Karthik and Anushka Manchanda.

"The music of Do Knot Disturb is sure to be a rage in the party circuit. It's toe-tapping and catchy,” says Kulmeet Makkar, CEO, BIG Music.

While Sunir Kheterpal, COO, BIG Pictures notes, "Films directed by David Dhawan have always had vastly popular music and Do Knot Disturb highlights it yet again. The music will grow on audiences and listeners as we move towards the film’s release."

In another innovation, this is the first time a music company in India has launched a major Bollywood blockbuster’s music on a SD (Secure Digital) card, that enables listeners to load and store this in their mobile phones and MP3 players.

And in addition to Audio CDs and cassettes, audiences can also download the music content onto their mobiles, by sending a SMS ‘KNOT’ to 57886.

Viju Shah, Tauseef Akhtar, Amzad Nadeem Sachin and Jigar have arranged the music on the album. All songs have been mixed and mastered by Eric Pillai of Future Sound of Bombay.

Starring Govinda, Riteish Deshmukh, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, Sohail Khan and Ranvir Sheorey, ‘Do Knot Disturb’ is an absolute tickle fest.

Cool news guys & Nadeem-Shravan are back !!

Mumbai, August 26:

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sonu Niigaam's Songs In Blue & Movie Tracklist

Blue is the upcoming Bollywood’s first under-water adventure movie by
Anthony D’souzam with Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta
Zayed Khan, Rahul Dev, Katrina Kaif
India’s first underwater action adventure is coming to take you by storm!
This is Bollywood’s most ambitious and promising project, the much-anticipated underwater extravaganza ‘Blue's Music is exclusively revealed !!

We have all been waiting for the collaboration between
Kylie Minogue and A.R. Rahman and now it's finally here!
The two music celebs have worked together on the underwater adventure "Blue." and the promo for one of Kylie's tracks in the film has finally been revealed. We're dying to show it to all you viewers!
The tune, interpreted by Kylie Minogue and Sonu Niigaam, shows Kylie
At a club dancing in a flashy dress while Akshay Kumar drops
Onto the stage and dances with her !!

Track list for the biggest movie of the year 'blue'
The music has been composed by AR Rehman

Aaj Dil
singers: shreya ghoshal, sukhwinder singh
yrics : mayur puri

Bhoola Tujhe
singers: rashid ali
lyrics : abbas tyrewala

Chiggy Wiggy
singers: sonu niigaam & kylie minogue
additional vocals : suzanne
lyrics : abbas tyrewala

singers: sonu niigaam & shreya ghoshal
lyrics : abbas tyrewala

singers: vijay prakash, shreya ghoshal
lyrics : ajit arora

Blue Theme
singers:blaaze, raqeeb aalam, sonu kakkar
jaspreet singh, neha kakkar & Dilshad
punjabi lyrics: sukwinder singh hindi lyrics: raqueeb alam

Sonu Niigaam & Jermaine Jackson Live On Stage

From Mohammed Rafi to Michael Jackson, Bollywood’s No 1 singer Sonu Nigaam performed them all at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and sitting Sonu Nigaam
in the august audience was the late Jacko’s family.

The resonance of Rafi’s memory reverberated across the palatial ceiling when Sonu sang Ho Kismat Footi, Aaas Na Tooti. The crowd barely recovered from the reminiscence of Rafi, when another nostalgic moment followed. It was a thrilling one! Jackson’s most popular number Billy Jean — performed by Sonu with the moonwalk. It was a Rafi-Jackson converging moment.

Music ranging seven decades from the 20s to the 90s saw a union. Sonu received a standing ovation from the riveted crowd for the ease with which he emulated Rafi and Jackson. The audience was then introduced to Jermaine, Jackson’s brother, who spoke of his “love and inspiration from Asian music”. Also on stage was Christian Audigier, the creator of the one of the most popular clothes brands.

Said Sonu, “It was quite a surreal experience to be moonwalking in front of Jermaine Jackson, Christian and Terry Lewis, all of whom have had such an integral relation with Michael. All I remember is everybody in Shrine Auditorium standing in ovation at something I did. What happened before that, is like a dazed out memory. I was too immersed in the act. It was a big surprise to later learn from Jermaine and his wife Haleema that he knew most of my songs. Christian, though, is a friend. He is a kind man considering his giant stature in the world of fashion and has offered all his muscle for a project that I am doing in the USA. Terry is like a big brother protecting me.” Indian rapper Hard Kaur, who also performed there got a chance of meeting Jermaine. “Meeting him was a moment filled with mixed emotions. I was excited that Jermaine sat through the whole performance and came to meet me backstage and appreciated my work. At that time I could feel the loss of the great icon MJ even more as I met his brother,” said Hard Kaur, who bowled over Jermaine with her electrifying performance.


The Sonu Niigaam Moonwalk

Lalbagcharaja, bollywood stars yet to visit

“LALBAUGCHA RAJA (The Emperor of Lalbaug)” is name of the popular Ganesh Idol of “LALBAUGCHA RAJA SARVAJANIK GANESHOTSAV MANDAL”. The preparations for Ganeshotsav 2009 have been already started since June 2009. In order to offer proper DARSHAN of the Lalbaugcha Raja to its devotees, necessary arrangements are being made by the Mandal. the Mandal tries to take necessary precautions so that no inconvenience is caused to the devotees. Approximately 1800 residents have been appointed as “SAHAKARI SABHASAD” (Special Volunteers) to help the Mandal in managing the Ganeshotsav. Along with them, a team of about 5000 other volunteers is also ready to help the devotees. A special ‘Disaster Management Training’ is imparted to some volunteers to handle any unforeseen calamity.
Arrangements for Ganeshotsav 2009:

The arrangements for the devotees who wish to make or fulfill a vow to the Lalbaugcha Raja, has been slightly modified this year. This queue viz. NAVAS Line will start from the Om Shanti Construction Bldg. on G.D.Ambekar Marg. It is convenient for the devotees to reach at this place if they will take Currey Road-Bharatmata Theater-Saibaba Marg-G.D.Ambekar Marg route. The nearest Railway stations to reach the NAVAS line are Currey Road on Central Railway, Lower Parel on Western Railway and Cotton Green on Harbour Railway.

The arrangements for other devotees who want to have MUKH DARSHAN of the Lalbaugcha Raja is similar to the arrangements made for Ganeshotsav 2008. The queue for the MUKH DARSHAN will start from Dattaram Lad Marg, Kalachowki. The nearest railway station to reach here is Chinchpokli on Central Railway and Cotton Green on Harbour Railway. The line will enter the Main Pandal through the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ground (popularly known as GARAM KHADA).

Arrangements have been made in both the queues so that the devotees are not faced with any inconvenience in the queue.
lalbaugcha raja 2008 lalbaugcha raja photo lalbaugcha raja images ganesh galli
siddhivinayak history of lalbaugcha raja dagdusheth
lalbaugcha raja 2008, lalbaugcha raja photo, lalbaugcha raja ganpati, lalbaugcha raja 2009, lalbaugcha raja wallpaper, lalbaugcha raja photos, lalbaugcha raja images, lalbaugcha raja 2007, lalbagcha raja, lalbaugcha raja live, lalbaugcha raja photo, lalbaugcha raja wallpaper
Shilpa & Salman visit Lalbaug Cha Raja at Lalbaug on 18th September 2007.
Monica Bedi

Bollywood macho man Salman Khan and playback singer Sonu Nigam showed up for the aarti and paid obeisance to the Ganpati idol at Lalbaug, the largest Ganesha idol in Mumbai. Braving heavy showers of rain, chaotic traffic, and a surge of over six lakh devotees, Salman stood patiently in a corner waiting for the prayers to start. The mandal authorities fearing a stampede by the restless crowd started the aarti soon. Later in the night, Shilpa and Shamita Shetty along with their parents also came to pray to the elephant-God.
Event: Salman, Shilpa Visit Lalbaugcha Raja
Venue: Lalbaug, Lower Parel, Mumbai
When: Tuesday (night), 18 September 2007
Present: Sonu Niigaam, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Shamita Shetty
Note: Bollywood macho man Salman Khan and playback singer Sonu Niigaam showed up for the aarti and paid obeisance to the Ganpati idol at Lalbaug, the largest Ganesha idol in Mumbai. Braving heavy showers of rain, chaotic traffic, and a surge of over six lakh devotees, Salman stood patiently in a corner waiting for the prayers to start. The mandal authorities fearing a stampede by the restless crowd started the aarti soon. Later in the night, Shilpa and Shamita Shetty along with their parents also came to pray to the elephant-God.

LALBAUGCHA RAJA (The Emperor of Lalbaug) is name of the popular Lord Ganesh Idol situyated at Lower Parel, Mumbai, it is the very famous mandal and founded in the year 1934, The idol was dressed in the customary fashion of fisherman.
This place is so popular that attracts many people even from the biggest star from the bollywood likes to visit, while the utsav will be celebrated once in year, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Shamita Shetty, Sonu Nigam, Monica bedi who were appeared in the premises of the Ganesh mandal
lalbaugcha raja 2008 lalbaugcha raja photo lalbaugcha raja images ganesh galli
siddhivinayak history of lalbaugcha raja dagdusheth

Sonu Niigaam At Lalbaug:

Sonu Niigaam initiates MJ tribute on Facebook

MUMBAI: Social networking sites seem to be the latest buzzword with musicians collaborating internationally over the web. Indian musicians are increasingly using networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut to connect with musicians round the globe.

Singer Sonu Niigaam has been gathering musicians and music lovers to create a tribute for the King of Pop- Michael Jackson on his Facebook fan page. The process which started after the tragic death of MJ will culminate this 29th August with a tribute song on Jackson’s birthday.Sonu Niigaam will be unveiling the song at itunes and other forums on 29th August.

Under the guidance of Sonu Niigaam, the song has been composed by musical duo Saikat-Shankar who have been collaborating online for past four years. Says Saikat Roy, “Sonu Niigaam being a follower of MJ’s music felt very emotional after his death and threw up an idea of coming up with a tribute song for him.”

Kick started by Sonu, the idea snowballed with many musicians and singers coming forward to lend their talent for the track. “Music lovers on Sonu Niigaam’s fanpage wrote poems, lyrics and it was further consolidated and made into a full fledged song approved by Sonu.”

Saikat and Shankar then created a scratch of the song and uploaded on Sonu Niigaam’s fan page for approval and the process of selecting singers began. “The potential of social networking sites was explored to the fullest in the making of tribute for MJ. Facebook as a forum has been explored by top musician like Sonu Niigaam to reachout the song to rest of the world.”

Singers from different parts of the world send their demos recorded in different studios which were further uploaded on FB for approaval. Revealing more about the music, Roy adds, “The track will have a world music touch to it with some Indian elements rendered by Sonu Niigaam himself. The tribute song has singers across countries from Canada, Bombay, London, UK, US.”

The songs were mixed and mastered by sound engineer Pramod Chandorkar who has worked on Sonu Niigaam’s earlier album- ‘Classically Mild’ and is working on his upcoming album with Saregama. The album, Time Travel – Journey 1 to be launched in September has Niigaam singing popular numbers of Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sonu Niigaams Rs 1 crore Kannada album 'Neene Bari Neene'

Kannada album Neene Bari Neene is all about Ashok Kheny's life and will have the Bollywood singer crooning to the tune of Mano Murthy. And oh, Kheny spent Rs 1 crore to make the album

Ashok Kheny has splurged Rs 1 crore on a Kannada video album showcasing his life and has roped in singer Sonu Niigaam to play him.

Nice Combo
Sonu Niigaam and Ashok Kheny
Neene Bari Neene (You Only You) , produced by NICE head honcho Kheny's AKK Productions, also has top model Madhuri Bhattacharya starring in it. It will be telecast on TV channels this month.

This is the first time Nigam is acting in a Kannada video, singing to the tunes of Mungaru Male fame music director Mano Murthy and lyricist Jayanth Kaykini. Vikram Razdan has directed the album.

Time is precious
"The album is based on my life," Kheny, who makes an appearance in one of the nine songs, told MiD DAY. "It also has a message which I want to convey to my people."

"Time is precious," he said. "I had no time to spend with my children when they were kids. And now that I have time, they are grown-up and live their own lives. I'm alone. That's what happens in everybody's life. I'm trying to tell people to use their time well. Parents should spend as many days as possible with their children."

The experimental album also weaves in themes like father-son relationship, harmony in society, cultural heritage etc and has romantic scores like Neene Bari Neene, Baa Nodu Gelathi Navilu Gariyu Mari Hakide. Philosopher and social reformer Basavanna is portrayed in a song sequence called Namma Nad.

Shot in Mysore, Madikeri, Kaveri Nisargadhama, Bangalore and even Nandi Hills, it has original visuals of Kheny's life shot since his childhood.

Ideal team
"Kheny, Sonu Niigaam and I had lot of things in common. The passion and thoughts were alike. And I roped in Jayanth," said music director Mano Murthy. "It's an ideal team and that's enough to make an album like this. It will be very special."

Celeb's favourite God

The pandals are ready, idols decorated and the loud speakers are being tested.
It’s time to welcome Lord Ganesh for the 10-day celebrations.
It’s the time for one and all to revel in divine glory.
How can the celebs take a backseat, then?

Celebrities visiting pandals in Mumbai is a common sight. Then there are others who like to celebrate the festival in the plush confines of their homes.
Here’s a look at the famous Ganesh festivities from the lanes of Bollywood.

The Chembur studio never fails to impress the devotees year after year with its grandeur. The first Bollywood family brings Ganesha to one of the oldest studios.
It has been a tradition, initiated by the late Prithviraj Kapoor, over 50 years ago.
The three brothers Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv are always present, and of late even Ranbir Kapoor has been spotted during the visarjan procession.

Nana Patekar loves Ganesh Chaturthi and celebrates it in true Marathi style. The puja takes place at his house. Even a common man is allowed to visit, and get blessings from the elephant God. Patekar's family has been celebrating the festival for the last 80 years.

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar is also an old hand at Ganapati celebrations. His divine affair is a good 40-year-old. For him, it’s a chance to take a break and spend time with family and friends.

Actor Salman Khan and his family celebrate Ganesh festival at their home. Being a Muslim has not deterred this family from bringing the idol home and seeking Ganesha's blessings. Talk about national integrity! Ganapati stays at their residence for one-and-half day.

Actress Urmila Matondkar is an ardent fan of the Ganesh utsav. The Marathi mulgi makes it a point to visit the Lalbaugcha Raja aarti at Mumbai every year. She even visits the Siddhivinayak temple and performs the puja and aarti there.
The celeb connection with Ganesha doesn’t end here. There are many others like Rati Agnihotri, Isha Koppikar, Aarti Chhabria, Tara Sharma, Geeta Basra, Suresh Wadkar, Sonu Niigaam, Sanjay Dutt, Priety Zinta, Sunil Shetty, Sachin and Neeta Lulla, who celebrate the festival in their homes.

When it's about the B-town, any divine intervention is most welcome. And Ganesha ranks high on devotion and celebration for the Bollywood biggies.

Ace singer Sonu Niigaam also released his solo album with Times Music 'Maha Ganesha'

Pics courtesy: BCCL

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Ganesh Mahamantra'

The artistes include Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Niigaam, Asha Bhosle
Pt.Ajay Pohankar, Jagjit Singh, Suresh Wadkar and Shankar Mahadevan
Different singers offer their interpretations of the Ganesh Mahamantra
Listen to the track now -

Released all over !!
Buy Ganesh Mahamantra now from - Times Music, Rs 295

Friday, 21 August 2009

Sonu Niigaam & Me Say.. Ramzan Mubarak To All

Ramzan Mubarak to all here at our blog - Thanks !!

1) Salam aap par tajdare Madina

2) chalo aaj khwaja ka sandal uthe ga

Songs Taken from Sonu Niigaam's album
Mohammad ke dar pe chala ja sawali(2007)

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is during this month that Muslims observe the Fast of Ramadan. Lasting for the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours and in the evening eat small meals and visit with friends and family. It is a time of worship and contemplation. A time to strengthen family and community ties. When the fast ends (the first day of the month of Shawwal) it is celebrated for three days in a holiday called Id-al-Fitr (the Feast of Fast Breaking). Gifts are exchanged. Friends and family gather to pray in congregation and for large meals. In some cities fairs are held to celebrate the end of the Fast of Ramadan.

May Allah bless us all !!

Sonu Niigaam Records R&B, Soul, Pop & Funk Tracks In USA !!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Sonu Niigaam is taking the leap into American popular music. Bollywood’s versatile playback singer gave a glimpse of his ease in singing Western pop when he crooned Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” at his Explosion 2009 concerts. Audiences gave him standing ovations.

Niigaam told India-West this week that he has recorded six English songs with American music-industry heavyweights in the three months he spent in Los Angeles prior to the 12-show U.S. tour that concluded last week.

Niigaam has composed and sung two songs with R&B/ funk chanteuse Chaka Khan produced by Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam of Flyte Tyme, the label behind hit albums of Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey; two songs with Emmy-winning arranger and composer Chris Boardman; one with songwriter-producer Jud Friedman, producer for Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand and Rod Stewart; and another with triple-Grammy nominee composer Steve Dorff.

The genres of the songs, he said, span pop, soul, R & B, and funk.

Niigaam has also collaborated with another well-known artist on an R&B Michael Jackson tribute number that he has composed.

Release dates of these songs has not been determined yet. However, Niigaam said, “I am trying to understand the business here, explore and spread my wings.” He has made Los Angeles his second base after Mumbai.

Several American celebrities attended Niigaam’s concert in Los Angeles Aug. 16, including producer Lewis, Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine, and fashion designer Christian Audigier. The Los Angeles show was promoted by Super Entertainment Inc., which has brought several star-studded concerts to the region for two decades.

Niigaam’s entry into mainstream American music could be a groundbreaking achievement, making him perhaps the first Indian artist to sing strictly in American music genres. Asha Bhonsle has collaborated with western musicians but, even on those tracks, she sang mostly in Hindi.

A meeting in 2007 with singer Khan in Los Angeles launched Niigaam’s foray into American music. “When Chaka heard my album ‘Classically Mild,’ she started crying,” Niigaam recalled. The two met again in Mumbai earlier this year when Khan was in the city for a show. She offered to introduce Niigaam to her producers, Lewis and Jam.

Niigaam said his range and pitch-perfect vocals, especially in the “soona soona” number from “Classically Mild” that combines jazz, funk and Indian classical, amazed music producers. Once he recorded songs with Khan, word spread in the Los Angeles music circles bringing other offers, he said.

“Lately” and “Without My Heart,” songs he recently recorded in England with international artists as part of the Global One project, a campaign to bridge cultural differences through music, also serve as his demos to pitch himself in the U.S. music industry.

Niigaam has initiated a Michael Jackson tribute forum on his Facebook page. In response, the Facebook community collectively wrote lyrics and sent in their composed songs. Niigaam chose the best one, he said, will add his vocals and release it on i-Tunes around Jackson’s birthday, Aug. 29.

Jackson’s brother, Jermaine, stepped onto the stage at Sonu Niigaam’s invitation during the Los Angeles show Aug. 16. Jackson thanked the audience for their support to his family following the death of his pop-star brother in June. “I am a big fan of Indian music; I love the energy and the dancing,” added Germaine.

Niigaam, who is trained in classical Hindustani vocal music, said singing Western music comes easily to him but considers the ability a gift. “It’s happening smoothly (because) God does it for me,” he said.

Studying different music genres is natural and mandatory for a singer’s growth, he said. Niigaam is keenly interested in American music and stays connected with it.

He called the experience of making music in America artistically gratifying because the separation of the music world from cinema allows a singer the freedom to sing, write and compose the music he believes in, he said.

Hindi film music, on the other hand, is restricting for a singer, he told India-West, because it is bound by story requirements and the director’s and composer’s vision. “I believe in some of the Bollywood songs I have done. All of it is not necessarily the kind of music that I want to be identified with,” he added.

Niigaam showcased his fluency in a range of musical styles at the Los Angeles concert Aug. 16. He, playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan and rapper Hard Kaur presented an energy-packed, pulsating and hugely entertaining show.

August 20, 2009 06:10:00 PM

Sonu Niigaam & Sunidhi Show Sweeps Spectators

LOS ANGELES, CA - It surely was better late, than never. The event that was postponed for two weeks, in the end proved its worth and ‘Shook the Shrine and Swept the Spectators.’ As the summer evening cooled, with the sun setting over Los Angeles, thousands of fans on Aug.16, were in for a chill musical performance by some of India’s best. Crowds gathered to enter the historic Shrine Auditorium here, for one of the very few, starting exactly-on-time shows, featuring Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan. The fashionably, ever-late Indians had to hurriedly fumble in the dark to get to their seats, trying not to miss any part of this much awaited concert.

It was four hours of pure entertainment! L.A. got is share of everything. From rap to rhythm, from the UK Jatti to Jermaine Jackson, from Thriller to Tamasha - it had it all! It was deafeningly loud, the energy was extraordinary and the atmosphere was absolute glee.

Sunidhi Chauhan, walked the gigantic stage dressed in all black, leather boots and well-fitted pants, she literally had the fans in a crazed mood with the infamous, Crazy Kiya Re. The slender, vivacious singer took the audience by storm as she moved nonchalantly to her famous songs. Beedi Jalaile, Dance Pe Chance, Asa Na Koi Dil Wala…it was a non-stop string of songs. For 45 minutes the “Diva of Indian Music”, had the audience mesmerized and moved. With a few well placed pregnant pauses to get the audience riled, she paved the way for the next performer, setting the stage with a reminder of being a Desi Girl!

Chauhan has been singing since she was four years old and just two days ago, on August 14, turned 26. In her eventful career, she has sung over 2,000 songs. From her first performance at a local temple in Delhi to the screens of Indian cinema and the stage of the Shrine in L.A., it has been a long journey, for this young talent.

It was 7 pm; the main-course was next. The introduction was made by the rather low key emcee, Ravi Rajas the “singer that magically turns all into gold.” Then, came a haunting voice and a video, almost as if echoing from the dorms of the nearby USC! The thunder died and a leather clad figure appeared. It was the main-dish! It was Sonu Nigam!! Gleaming on stage and cheered on by thousands, the slim figure with the innocent boyish-look and floppy hair, made his way right into the hearts of the Los Angelenos.

In Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein…, he said, and the crowd went berserk. Also known as the Mohamad Rafi of today, Nigam is a true entertainer. The energy that exuberates from his music, his songs and his jumping and his mere presence, is remarkable. All that energy transferred to the thousands present, and again and again they rose off their seats to clap, dance, sing along.

Nigam, or Niigaam, as he prefers for numerological reasons, has been singing since the age of three. This child prodigy sang with his father at events till he was 19 and then launched his own career in Mumbai. On this stage, in Los Angeles, this 35-year-old, displayed the energy of a 5-year-old. Nigam constantly mixed old Rafi favorites with his own new hits, attempting to reduce gaps and difference that may exist.

Soon the jacket came off. The heat was increasing, and so was the tempo. The music got louder, the beats faster and the moves rapid as Om Shanti Om hit the cords. The swift pace called for a break and a rap to shake!

Hard Kaur, an Indian rapper, and singer, often called the first female Indian rapper came onto the stage next. Born Taran Kaur Dhillon, she was recently signed by Eminem for his company.

The rap was loud, fast, but a sing-along, karaoke style. After the popular Ek Glassy, Dho Glassy and Singh is King, it was beyond the comprehension of a majority of the audience. This “new-era” of Indian music was not one they were used to, yet.

Dressed in a bright-green juicy velour sweat-suit, Kaur was accompanied by bright-pink dress-alikes; it seemed more like a long Juicy Couture commercial. This was not the audience for rap, so they took this opportunity to feed themselves to the boxed Indian meals offered by India Oven. Rarely has the Shrine had the enticing aromas of channa and biryani wafting through its halls!

The show moved smoothly, uninterrupted in its first half. The second-half stepped things up a notch. A lot was in store, surprises and songs, emotions were to run higher still. The L.A. crowd was still to receive their treat!

Chauhan was back, jazzed-up in her appearance and more comfortable in her demeanor. She started with the Parineeta sensual number, Kaisi Paheli Zindagani. What followed was the true treat of the evening. Amid dim lighting, Chauhan raised the microphone and gave an immaculate performance of Whitney Houston’s, I will always love you. She let her fans know that she was truly talented and it did not matter what language the song was in, she had mastered it all.

With verve and vigor, Chauhan continued to machao much more Dhoom and Jhoom with title songs from Dhoom and Jhoom Bababar Jhoom Sharabi. Dancing her heart out for her fans she moved with poise to the beat of the music.

The last hour belonged to Nigam. Filling the air with the high pitched 1952 Rafi hit from Baiju Bawra, O Duniya Ke Rakhwale, he walked back on stage, with a black attire accessorized with red shoes and belt to jazz it up.

As the resonance of Rafi’s memory vibrated the palatial ceiling of the Shrine Auditorium, Nigam took yet another successful shoot as he sang, Ho Kismat Footi, Aaas Na Tooti. The crowd had barely recovered from the reminiscence of Rafi, when another nostalgic moment followed. It was a thrilling one! Michael Jackson’s most popular number, Billy Jean, was well performed by Nigam, with the moon-walk. It truly witnessed a Rafi-Jackson converging moment. Music ranging seven decades from the 20’s to the 90’s saw a union. Nigam received a standing ovation from the riveted crowd for the ease with which he emulated Mohammad and Michael.

The audience was then introduced to Jermaine Jackson, the brother of the late Michael Jackson. He spoke of his, “love and inspiration from Asian music.” Also on stage was introduced, Christian Audigier, the creator of the popular Ed Hardy brand.

The versatility of these Indian performers was apparent. They had captured a much larger audience than the legendary Rafi ever had to fathom. Their reach had gone way beyond the borders of India and crossed the generation barriers. The youngsters in the audience were a testament to that.

The show was all it was meant to be, entertaining, energy-filled, enthralling and loud! It did lack slow moments, there was not a single moment to calm the soul and being, and gather one’s thoughts. That moment seemed to arrive, as the song Kal Ho Na Ho started, but alas! It too came with a twist and beat, faster than it original soothing tune.

Such moments were possible with the numerous slow hits that both Nigam and Chauhan have bagged. They did together end the show with the Fanaa hit Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho.

Each artist graciously apologized for the postponement of the show. The audience left with the warm fuzzy feeling that they did get more than they expected. All delays were forgiven, many hearts won over.

The organizers Super Entertainment and audience applauded the effort and graciousness of the artists and their crew. As Manoj Kay Tee, Virender Bhalla, Bhalinder Bhalla and Anil Shah walked up on stage, all refunds and perils of a cancelled show seemed to have vanished in thin air and like always Super Entertainment had done another “Super” job!

Thu Aug 20, 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Ullasa Utsaha'

Ullasa Utsaha (Kannada: ಉಲ್ಲಾಸ ಉತ್ಸಾಹ) is a 2009 Kannada language film
Starring Ganesh and Yami Gowtham in lead roles.
It is directed by Devaraja Palan and produced by B.P. Thyagaraju
Music is composed by music director G. V. Prakash Kumar
For the first time in Sandalwood
Ullasa Utsaha is a remake of the Telugu Hit Movie Ullasamga Utsahamga

Track : Chelusuva Cheluve - Sonu Niigaam

Aap Ka विजय (Vijay)

The hot and happening yoga

We all know wonders that yoga can bring to our lives. But another form of yoga, which can only be practised in a specially designed studio with proper heat, is doing the rounds of late. The global phenomenon already practised by Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, George Clooney, Elle Macpherson, Matthew McConaughey is now in India. “Unlike normal yoga, it is performed in a studio heated to minimum temperature of 41 degrees and consists of 26 postures done in a proper sequence like the alphabets,” said Bikram Choudhury, founder of the worldwide Yoga College of India.

“A certain level of heat induces perspiration and helps get rid of toxins from the body and promotes blood circulation. That is why this form of yoga can be performed only in a studio with proper heating and ventilation,” said Choudhury. In addition, the heat helps you to ease into the asanas because it makes the muscles more flexible and pliable and in turn reduces the risk of injuries.
One thing, which again differentiates it from regular yoga, is the 26 different postures. Just like the alphabets, they have to be done in a proper sequence to enjoy full benefits. “Every posture prepares you and leads you into the next posture, giving you a full-bodywork out from A to Z.” said Choudhury.

The whole trick is to systematically stimulate the body’s internal organs and glands, strengthen and tone the muscles and bring the body back to its state of balance. “As the positions are sequenced to stretch the muscles in the order in which they should be stretched, it is bliss. In addition, it also promotes oxygen circulation thro-ugh¬¬out the body” Chowdhury said.
Each session lasts 90 minutes compared with 60 minutes for the other forms of yoga.

It is distinctive in nature because other forms of yoga do not strictly adhere to a standard sequence.
The exercise, which is comfortable for all the age groups, helps you sleep better through regulation of the sleep cycle and is a great stress buster. “For all beauty-conscious people, its helps in slowing the ageing process, and helps retain a glowing and smooth skin,” he said. Moreover, the yogic sequence helps treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, chronic indigestion and heart diseases, among others.

There is no specific diet one has to follow when practising Bikram Hot Yoga. However, it is highly recommended that you hydrate yourself well throughout the day before class and have your last meal at least two to three hours before the yoga class. “You should consume food that is high in potassium and sodium to replenish body fluids and salt, which is lost during the class,” he added.

At present, the yoga clinic is set up in a fitness spa in Mumbai but Choudhury plans to open many more centres in every major city in India over the next year. “Despite having only opened early 2009, we have seen a wonderful response. We are planning to open up standalone centres as well as flagship fitness centres, incorporating our Bikram Hot Yoga to continue to provide a ‘one-stop’ facility,” he said.
Bikram’s Hot Yoga has apparently become a choice of many celebrities and individuals. Bollywood stars such as Manisha Koirala, sisters Raima and Riya Sen, Farah Khan, Ekta Kapoor, Madhur Bhandarkar, Sushmita Sen, Harman Baweja
Sonu Niigaam and many more sweat it out with Bikram Hot Yoga.

Sonu Niigaam's Album (Time Travel) Releasing This September

Saregama (popularly known as HMV) has stepped up its digital drive with a vengeance. In a move to increase the digital content to 60-65 per cent of its revenues (from 40 per cent now) in the next five years, the top music recording company is launching a website, tying up with telcos like Vodafone, Idea and Airtel for use of its music library and with cellphone manufacturers like Nokia for in-built sound tracks and albums.

Come September, the company will launch its Time Travel - Journey 1 album with Sonu Nigam to be released on Nokia's 5130
Express Music handsets. The album has Nigam singing popular numbers of Kishore Kumar Mukesh, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle

In the first quarter of 2009, sales of mobile handsets were estimated at approximately 350,000. That's huge compared to the sales of popular music albums of the latest Bollywood releases at an average 100,000 to 150,000.
Atul Churamani, vice president, Saregama, says he expects revenues from this tie-up to be in the range of Rs 50 lakh (Rs 5 million) to Rs 1 crore (Rs 10 million) and this is just the beginning. The company hopes to extend the partnership across more cellphone models, giving it explosive growth opportunities.

The beta version of the website will be launched in October this year and it will have a library of over two million songs. The website will have exclusive content and a strong search function and access for users will be on subscription model to listen and also download. "We are still to work out the exact revenue model," says Churamani.

On the cards is also a Time Travel -- Journey 2 album, concerts and merchandising opportunities besides exploiting the fragmented digital mediums. Even FM radio is set to grow from 240 stations to 1,000 stations as the government has decided to issue 700 new licences.

This means that for the music company, there is more money to be made.

The move makes sense as the music industry has been one of the worst casualties of the rapid technology advances, with its turnover declining at over 20 per cent per annum from Rs 1,200 crore (Rs 12 billion) 10 years ago to Rs 500 crore (Rs 5 billion) now.

Churamani, however, says HMV's revenues have been constant at Rs 125 crore (Rs 1.25 billion) for the past few years as it diversified into the digital format, started publishing, concerts and artist management.
Currently, Saregama's revenue contribution from the physical format is 40 per cent.

That will go down to just about 10 per cent over the next five years.
Saregama will be selling music on memory cards and pen drives used in mobile handsets and computers. The target market is huge as nine out of every 10 cellphones sold in the country have a slot for memory card that support music uploads.

Sapna Agarwal in Mumbai

Some Info On Time Travel - Album

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Sonu Niigaam & Vijay Say ‘Happy Independence day’ !!

The Mughal Empire, ruled most of the Indian Subcontinent between
1526 and 1857, was founded
By the Babur in 1526
when he defeated
Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans at the First
Battle of Panipat
The British first established a territorial foothold in the Indian subcontinent when Company-funded soldiers commanded by Robert Clive defeated the Nawab of Bengal - Siraj Ud Daulah at the Battle of Plassey in 1757
The initial Indian Rebellion of 1857 was sparked when soldiers serving in the British East India Company's British Army
Mutinied and Indian
Kingdoms rebelled against the British
The British had direct or indirect control over all of
Present-day India by the early 19th century
The Quit India Movement (Bharat Chhodo Andolan) or the
August Movement was a civil disobedience movement in India
Launched in August 1942 in response to Gandhi's call for immediate independence of India
On 3 June 1947, Viscount Lord Mountbatten, the last British Governor-General of India, announced the partitioning of the British Indian Empire into a India and a Pakistan. On 14 August 1947, Pakistan was declared a separate nation
At midnight, on 15 August 1947, India became an independent nation

Immortal Patriotic Songs Sung By : Sonu Niigaam

1) Ke Ghar Kab Aaoge - Border
2) Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe - Lakshya
3) O Shaheedon O Shaheedon - Dil Pardesi Hogaya
4) Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaaye - Sarfarosh
5) Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan - Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon
6) Yeh Rashtra Prem Ki Bhavana - From Album
7) Vaishnava Janato - From Album
8) Hum Hind Ke Veer - Border Hindustan Ka
9) Ek Saathi Aur Bhi Tha - LOC Kargil
10) Mera Rang De Basanti Chola - The Legend Of Bhagat Singh
11) Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna - The Legend Of Bhagat Singh
12) Humko To Rehna Hai - China Gate
13) Is Mitti Ka Karz Tha Mujhpe - China Gate
14) Bande Mein Tha Dum Vande Mataram - Lage Raho Munna Bhai
15) Panchchi Nadiyan Pawan Ke Jhonke - Refugee
16) I Am An Indian - Shart
17) Des ki mitti - Bose The Forgotten Hero
18) Ekla Chalo - Bose The Forgotten Hero

A Tribute To Those Who Lost There Lives For Us !!

Sonu Niigaam - Awards Ceremony & Closing Night Gala

September 26, 2009
Venue: Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE & Norris
Conference Centers
Red Oak Ballroom
800 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Building #9,
Houston, TX 77024
Town & Country Lane at Memorial Drive and Beltway 8

Contact: John Tsacrios -Tel: 713.977.7830 ext. 100
Burton Wolfe & Lawrence Wong - Tel: 281.239.8139

Jury Awards - Best Feature
Best Documentary - Best Short
Audience Choice Awards - Special Tribute Award

Guests List for Closing Night Gala
Sonu Nigaam, Singer, Performer & Super Star
A.R. Rahman, Music Composer, Director & Singer – 2009 Oscar Winner
Gulzar, Director, Writer & Lyricist – 2009 Oscar Winner
Deepti Naval, Actress, Photographer, Writer & Director
Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Actor & Television Super Star
Megan Mylan, Director & Producer for the documentary
Film ‘Smile Pinki’ – 2009 Oscar Winner

Below: Photo's (1) Hotel Sorella City
Centre & Norris Conference Centers Red Oak Ballroom
Photo (2) Sonu Niigaam & AR Rehman

Sonu Niigaam Sings ‘Jai Hind’ this Independence Day!

IDEA Cellular a leading telecom operator has initiated a national movement titled 2mins for our Nation’ to bring together the citizens of the country

Two minutes for the Nation
DEA Cellular a leading telecom operator has initiated a national movement titled 2mins for our Nation’ to bring together the citizens of the country on the occasion of Independence Day, and the upcoming National Flag Day – A tribute to the Nation!
This Independence Day, IDEA invites all Indians to unite and proudly say “Jai Hind”, through a vibrant digital portal and the company’s website As part of this initiative, visitors can register themselves and their friends and relatives for this nation building exercise. People can visit the website and submit names and mobile numbers of those who they wish to say ‘Jai Hind’ to. The registered users will then receive a call on the Independence Day playing the soul touching composition ‘Jai Hind’ in the voices of some of the legends of Indian music including Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Pandit Zakir Hussain, Sonu Nigam, Javed Akhtar, Yesu Das, Jagjit Singh, Alka Yagnik, Shankar Mahadevan to name a few. The music played on the phone call on 15th August will be a one minute rendition of the “Jai Hind” song composed by Indian Music Academy in association with IDEA Cellular. The full version of the song can be played online, and downloaded from the website.
Through this initiative, IDEA has made an attempt to unite Indians in a single voice, virtually, through the mobile phone. The initiative being flagged off on the occasion of Independence Day on August 15th will continue until the National Flag Day on August 31st. Users who register on or after 15th August will receive the call any day between 15th to 30th, and a repeat on August 31st.

A tribute from Aap Ka Vijay : Singers : Pandit Jasraj, Sonuji, Eashwari Pandit, Alka Yagnik, Chitra, Shankar,, Jaspindar Nirula & Shaarang Dev

Song - Vaishnava Janato

Sonu Niigaam Sings In 'Main Aur Mrs Khanna'

Great news !! Sonu niigaam has sung a huge song
In this Salman Khan's biggie ''Main Aur Mrs Khanna'
Directed by debutante Prem Soni, the film, which revolves around the
theme of Extramarital affair, is a joint production of Sohail Khan Productions and
UTV SpotBoy
Pre-production work began in mid-2007 when actors Salman Khan
Priyanka Chopra were signed on to essay the lead roles in the film
However Priyanka later opted out of the film due to date problems and the
Director was in talks with actresses Preity Zinta and Ayesha Takia
Sources have indicated that Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and
Deepika Padukone Will be making guest appearances in the film
Whereas Preity Zinta will be appearing in an item
Filmed in the outskirts of Mumbai & later continued shooting in
Melbourne & Australia where a pivotal scene was shot at the Sydney Airport
The film has now been completed !!
Directed by Prem Soni - Produced by Sohail Khan & Ronnie Screwvala
Starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor. Sohail Khan, Govinda & Bappi Lahiri
Music by Sajid Wajid
Release date : October 16, 2009 Music releasing all over soon !!

Aap Ka Vijay 14 - 08 - 09

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Explosion - Oracle Arena Aug 8th 2009 - Sonu Niigaam, Sunidhi & Hard Kaur Rock

OAKLAND, Calif. — “Are you ready for some masti?” Sonu Niigaam shouted during his concert at the Oracle Arena Aug. 8. The audience roared in response, swept up in the rhythms of “Explosion 2009,” a nonstop blast of high energy Hindi film music, rap, bhangra and Indi-pop.

Niigam and his costars, Sunidhi Chauhan and Hard Kaur, put on a scorching show that offered up some old favorites — such as Niigaam’s trademark Rafi tribute songs and Chauhan’s fiery “Bidi” — and surprised with novelties like Hard Kaur’s dynamic raps and even a jaw-dropping Michael Jackson impersonation from Niigam, complete with moon walk.

The show kicked off at 9 p.m. with an introduction from emcee Raviraj and a brief performance by vocalist Ayub Khan, and came to life as Chauhan’s voice drifted in from offstage, building anticipation for what was to come. The young singer burst onto the stage with the animated “Hai aag yeh” and “Main saat samundar,” dressed in tight black jeans, a form-fitting black blouse and suede boots. Chauhan, like Niigaam, has been performing onstage since she was a child, and her onstage persona was breezy and confident as she boldly hit every high note with full-throated zeal.

Prowling the stage like a lioness, Chauhan cranked up the energy on songs like “Crazy kiya re,” “Dance pe chance” and the irresistible “My desi girl.”

Niigaam started his portion of the show with a long, challenging alaap marked by intimate, sinuous tones, his tenor voice sliding lightly up and down the scales as drums thundered behind him. His first song wasn’t one of his top hits — “Soniyo” from “Raaz 2” — but it set the right mood as he segued into faster material (“Aaja soniye”) and back again to the gentler strains of A.R. Rahman’s “Saathiya.” “Salaam-e-ishq” and “Om Shanti Om’s” “Main agar kahoon” were also highlights, and though Niigaam seemed at times distracted by sound problems with his earpiece monitor, it didn’t keep him from singing perfectly in tune and connecting earnestly with his audience.

Niigaam indulged the crowd’s love of old songs with “Bachna ae haseeno” and “Mere sapnon ki rani,” as well as a moving medley of Mohammed Rafi songs that included the powerful “O duniya ke rakhwale.”

Hard Kaur’s brazen blast of hip-hop was charmingly offset by a sweet grin. Accompanied by the show’s crack team of dancers, Kaur — India’s first female rapper — is a hit-maker who has appeared on the soundtracks to “Singh Is Kinng,” “Kismat Konnection” and “Ugli aur Pagli.”

She grinned nonstop as she and the dancers, in matching velour tracksuits or gold sequined hoodies, performed to the pounding beats of “Mr. Hero,” “Move your body” and “Ek glassi,” later whipping off her jacket to show off a large winged-dragon tattoo.

Saluting the Punjabis, Gujaratis and Pakistanis, Kaur laughed and said, “Don’t be segregating — South Asians in the house!”

After guest artist Gunjan sang a Pussycat Dolls version of “Jai ho,” Chauhan returned for a version of “Jhoom barabar jhoom” and “Bidi,” and Niigaam came back onstage to invite the audience to sing along to his “Kabhi alvida naa kehna.”

But the biggest surprise of the evening came when Niigaam sat by himself on a plain wooden box and beat out a pulse that morphed into the opening rhythms of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

Niigaam usually does impersonations of other Hindi singers at his live shows, but this time the audience was dazzled by the vocalist’s bold performance — purely Indian, but respectful of Jackson, and purely original.

Chauhan and Niigaam joined forces for a memorable, understated performance of “Mere haath mein” from “Fanaa.”

To close the show, organizers Deepak Mehta and Mannu Mehta of Mehta Entertainment, and national promoter Rocky Kaushal, joined the artists onstage, and the Mehtas announced the launch of Deepak Mehta’s new lifestyle magazine.

The show was preceded by the Global Bhangra Competition 2009, presented by Mehta Entertainment and Atwal Entertainment. The Bay Area Bhangra Club of San Jose took the top prize, followed by two Canadian troupes, PCBCA of Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Shan-e-Punjab of Surrey, B.C.

“Explosion 2009” will appear Aug. 16 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. For more information, visit or call (310) 829-2985.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Dil Bole Hadippa - Music Now Released All Over !!

Starring Rani Mukerji, Shahid Kapoor
Anupam Kher, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra In pivotal roles

Produced by Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner
Directed by Anurag Singh
Music by Pritam & Julius Packiam

Tracks & Singers:
1 Gym Shim - Julius Packiam
2 Bhangra Bistar - Alisha Chinoy, Sunidhi Chauhan & Hard Kaur
3 Ishq Hi Hai Rab - Sonu Niigaam & Shreya Ghosal
4 Discowale Khisko Remix - Master Saleem
5 Discowale Khisko - K K & Sunidhi Chauhan
6 Hadippa Remix - Mika Singh & Sunidhi Chauhan
7 Hadippa - Mika Singh

Sonu Niigaam Live In Concert 2009 - Posters

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sonu Niigaam Bay Area Radio Interview

Sonu Niigaam Bay Area Radio Interview
Interview Date: July 26, 2009

Behind The Scenes With Sonu Niigaam

A must watch for all Sonu Niigaam fans !!

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Abhay'

Challenging star Darshan Tugudeep stars in this movie
Abhay been shot in Mysore, Bangalore, Bangkok and Switzerland
Aarti Thakur, who was Mrs. India World in 2006, is acting alongside
Darshan in the movie.
The movie Abhay has been directed by Mahesh Babu
Janardhan Maharshi has penned story screenplay and dialogues
Ramesh Babu has cranked camera, Jayant Kaikini has written the lyrics
while Harikrishna scored music for the movie.

Abhay has been produced by Babu Reddy under the banner Niteen Production Darshan, Aarti Thakur, Pradeep Ravuth, Om Prakash Rao
Salim Baig and Aryaman are in the casts
Sonu Niigaam has sung one fantastic song in the movie
The music is now released & available to buy

1) Yakko Yeno - Sonu Niigaam

Aap Ka Vijay 10 - 08 - 09

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Januma Janumadallu'

Nenapirali Premkumar is back with his new movie
'Januma Janumadallu' after a long gap, his last movie was 'Honganasu'
The direction is by Dinesh Babu. Produced by Ramesh Yadav
Music is by the magical Manomurthy
Which is the most important factor of this movie
Januma Janumadallu stars Premkumar & Andritha
Bubbly Andritha is the herion
Hope Prem gets his long wanting Success at least with this movie
The audio has now been officially released

1) Maleya Haniyelli - Sonu Niigaam & Jayanth

2) Athi Aparupa - Sonu Niigaam & Kaviraj

Aap Ka Vijay 10 - 08 -09