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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sonu Niigaam Tweets His Fans On Album !!

After a major copyright issue, Sonu Niigaam has now turned his focus towards music giants T-Series, which has been promoting Sonu’s album Yeh Naya Naya as a new album, and Sonu informs that the company is misguiding listeners. He says the album was recorded way back in 1994 and has no new songs as the part of the package.

The social networking site Twitter helped him reach out to fans, followers, and media alike by posting, “Attention Attention!! My new album Yeh Naya Naya by T-Series, is not new at all. It was recorded in 1994, my earliest ever work, and if a company is misleading you, it's my duty as an artiste to clarify this. The singer further goes on to say, "Since a lot of u will buy it thinking this is my latest offering to you. Buy it for sure, but not because it is new, but because it is ancient."

The album Yeh Naya Naya comprises of eight tracks rendered by Sonu Niigaam along with other singers including- Hema Sardesai, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sadhna Sargam and Shankar Mahadevan.

When contacted the music giant, T-Series president - marketing media publishing (TV) Vinod Bhanushali clarified, "It is in fact a compilation album. Even in the past, we have launched many of his compilations and hence it is nothing new. We are, anyway, not planning to promote the album too much," he added refusing to say anything further on the issue.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sonu Niigaam Newsletter - 1st Quarter 2010

Time really flies.. It feels like yesterday that we all celebrated new year, and we've already reached the end of the first quarter of 2010,and of this decade.. hope everyone reading this, is in the best of health and spirits.. Team Sonu Niigaam had a rocking quarter as usual.. some super-successful tours and concerts, hit releases and some path-breaking collaborations.. Lets take a brief tour through all the significant events over the last 3 months..


Gallis - Mr.Vegas,Sonu Niigaam mix ft Sonu Niigaam
Transcending all cultural and geographical boundaries, Sonuji collaborated with popular American Reggae artist Mr.Vegas to produce a sensational track - Mana Gallis. Sonuji has not only produced the music for this track, but has also co-written the lyrics for his verses.. The track was launched on BBC Radio 1's Nihal show on 20th Jan 2010.. Lots more Gallis action coming up soon!!

Listen to Gallis on desi-box

Bombay Billionaire - ft Amar and Sonu Niigaam

Another cross-cultural collaboration with pioneering artist Amar for her album Show It Off, Bombay Billionaire promises to make you all groove and jive. The album was released on Feb 15th 2010 and the song can be bought from Itunes along with the rest of her work.

Also, listen to both these tracks and an exclusive interview segment connecting 3 continents on our youtube channel, as BBC Radio 1's Nihal speaks to Sonuji and Mr.Vegas about their collaboration. The interview is in 3 parts

Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

The iconic national song of India, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara,was recreated by Zoom, titled "Phir Mile Sur" and launched on Indian republic day,i.e - 26th Jan 2010. The song and video features more than 60 of India's iconic artists,including Sonuji. Watch it on zoom.

Bollywood Releases
Cham Cham - Striker
Phir Se - Toh Baat Pakki
Will Fall In Love, Zabardast, Magar Kuch To Hai - Prem Ka Game
Nacha Main, Koi Rok Bhi Lo - Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai
Shola Tha Jal Bujha Hoon - Devdas

Telugu Release
Bahusha Vo Chanchalaa - Varudu

Other Release
Shama Ki Tarha - Someone Somewhere


When u sing, sing as if someone is watching u..
U'll develop a habit of cautious and correct singing. - Sonu Niigaam


This quarter, like every other quarter, Sonuji travelled around the globe with his team and enthralled the audiences with his mesmerizing acts. The recently concluded 3 city tour of South Africa, the shows in Doha, Bahrain, Singapore, Israel, Holland and in several cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon and Kolhapur were very memorable..The event in Delhi on 31st Jan 2010 was special since it was organized to raise funds for a campaign against child labour in the country.

The concert in Doha on 19th Feb 2010 was one which all of us will remember all our lives as Sonuji's 2.5 year old lil son,Nevaan made his debut on stage with his father and sang All Izz Well with him,to the delight of the audience..A truly special day for the Nigam family!!


Times NOW channel did a half an hour feature on Sonuji's life and career for their documentary series BIO which was telecast on 20th Feb 2010.

The video is in 3 parts -

Filmfare, January 2010 edition -

Times Of India, 10th Feb 2010 -

In conversation with BBC Sheffield, 3rd March 2010 -

Bollyspice, 3rd March 2010 -

Times Of India, 8th March 2010 -

Zoom, 9th March 2010 -

Bubbly - Airtel users can subscribe to Sonuji's voice blog on Bubbly by dialing the
4 digit code *5030* and then following the IVRS..Join in, and get regular updates from him. He has over 40000 followers already

Facebook -
Twitter -
Youtube -

This quarter we crossed 10000 followers on twitter, 10000 channel hits on youtube and we are almost 20000 strong on facebook.. We thank each and everyone of you for all the love,support and co-operation.. Follow us on our networks,interact directly with Sonuji, read his thoughts, and also be updated on a regular basis about all his releases,events and concerts.

We had a very productive and informative discussion on the copyright issue this month.. If you havent seen it already, read Sonuji's previous tweets and get educated!!

Coming up.. Some exciting collaborations with international superstars like Akon, Shaggy in the pipeline.. some big bollywood releases.. many tours around the globe.. and lots more.. expect the unexpected.. keep up with us on our networks to know more..

Till the next quarter, its me, Shyama, signing off.. God Bless All.. Love and Light..:)

Shyama Govind
(Web Admin - Team Sonu Niigaam)
Sonu Niigaam & Me....Saying a big thanx to Shyama Govind

Sonu Niigaam Wows Guests At StanChart Celebrations !!

DOHA: Noted Indian singer Sonu Niigaam has wowed some 400 Non Resident Indian customers during the 60th anniversary celebration of Standard Chartered Bank recently held at the Diplomatic Club.

Billed as “A moment in time”, the show also featured famous singing star, Gunchan with a special appearance by former Miss India and Indian film actor, Tanushree Dutta. The show was hosted by popular UAE Radio Jockey, Gaurav Tandon, who also anchors shows for Sony Entertainment Television.

The three hour performance saw customers enjoy their favourite numbers and several guests joined the singer on stage throughout the evening. A delighted Nigam told his audience and hosts fabulous. “I look forward to working with them again soon”.The bank has given special recognition to its oldest NRI customer Bipin Joshi, who was felicitated on stage by B Chandrasekar, head of Consumer Banking, Northern Gulf Levant and Oman, and Qatar’s Head of the Consumer Bank, Dermot Fitzgerald.

“Hosting one of our biggest customer events this year is a testament of our commitment to our long standing loyal customers.” said Shardindu Vajpayee, head of Premium Banking and NRI Services for Standard Chartered Bank in Qatar.

Book launch & An Indian Singing Star !!

INDIAN playback singer Sonu Niigaam was also in town this week for his concert that took place at the Nkosi Albert Luthuli ICC complex on Friday night.

Sponsor Vodacom hosted a launch at Suncoast's Vaca Matta on Wednesday night to introduce the singing star as well as singer Shruti Pathak and show compere, Indian actress Mansi Verma, to a select group of people involved in the show and media.

UPBEAT: PR executive Lisa Sukdev was the evening's bubbly compere. Niigaam, who has toured SA about five times before, made special mention of the professionalism and expertise of his new promoter, AA Media Vision, in association with the noted Morani Brothers (probably the most recognised names in the Bolly- wood concert tour industry).

DOWN TO EARTH: Niigaam was charmingly suave and came across as being sincere and a true performer.

The playback singer, who was also an Indian Idols judge, told me that if he had to write an autobiography, the title would be "I am nothing" in reference to how he lives and views life.

Read more :

Sonu Niigaam - T-Series At Loggerheads?

MUMBAI: After lashing out at the industry over the copyright issue, singer Sonu Niigaam has now turned the heat towards music label T-Series.

The singer alleges that music label T-Series is misguiding the listeners with its latest offering 'Yeh Naya Naya' claiming it to be a new album from Sonu's stable. Ironically, Niigaam refutes the claim saying, the album has songs that were recorded in 1994 and not freshly recorded songs.

The singer has used social networking site as his mode of communication yet again. Writes Niigam on Twitter, "Attention Attention!! My new album Yeh Naya Naya by T-Series, is not new at all. It was recorded in 1994, my earliest ever work and if a company is misleading you, it's my duty as an artiste to clarify this. The singer further goes on to say, "Since a lot of u will buy it thinking this is my latest offering to you. Buy it for sure, but not because it is new, but because it is ancient."

The album 'Yeh Naya Naya' comprises of eight tracks rendered by Sonu Niigaam along with other singers including- Hema Sardesai, Kavita Krishnamoorthy, Sadhna Sargam and Shankar Mahadevan.

When contacted the music giant, T-Series president - marketing media publishing (TV) Vinod Bhanushali clarifies, "It is infact a compilation album. Even in the past, we have launched many of his compilations hence it is nothing new. We are anyway not planning to promote the album too much," he added refusing to say anything further on the issue.

Send in your comments to:

The Music Launch Of Sanchari !!

The Raj and Bianca Desai starrer Sanchari had its music launch recently. The launch was held in Bangalore on Monday.

The album was released by renowned producer K. Manju. The film has been produced by Nagaraja Reddy and his brother Prabhakara Reddy, Lakshmaiah and Ramappa are the co-producers. Directed by Kiran Govi of Payana fame, Sanchari stars Telugu actor Subburaj, Dilipraj, Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Dharma, Satyajith, Aravind, Ramesh Babu, Sashikala and Ranadheera Venkatesh.

The music has been scored by Arjun. The album has five songs
Sung by Sonu Niigaam, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohamad Aslam, Anuradha Bhat & Malathi. Jhenkar Audio has released the album for sale.
Director Kiran Goyi was keen about the music of his second film, Sanchari. He wanted the music of the film to be completed before the shooting started.

Kiran Goyi desired for Sonu Nigam to sing one of the songs. But unfortunately, Sonu was in the US and could not come for the recording. But the director didn’t even let that come in the way.

He asked Sonu to sing on a web camera. The music has apparently come out well. Music composer, Arjun Goyi, has composed it.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Released Now - Yeh Naya Naya - Mera Dil Chahe !!

01 Yeh Naya Naya - Sonu Niigaam & Hema Sardesai
02 Naino Mein Tere Hain Sapne - Sonu Niigaam & Hema Sardesai
03 Kabhi Tum Lage Zindagi - Kavita Krishnamurthy
04 Socha Sau Dafa - Sonu Niigaam
05 Yeh Mera Dil - Shankar Mahadevan
06 Mera Dil Chahe - Sonu Niigaam
07 Jaage Tere Sapne - Sonu Niigaam & Kavita Krishnamurthy
08 Koi Baat Nahin - Sonu Niigaam & Sadhna Sargam

Music: Raju Singh
Yeh Naya Naya is a re -release of Ye Naya Naya Pyar 1994
it was also released by the name of Humsafar...

Sonu Niigaam Sings In Devdas - Breaking News !!

Finally the music of Devdas is released, this was in the making for so long now
I think since 2005/6

I was waiting for this like mad, it has made my day !!

Devdas is being remade again — this time, in Pakistan, by actor/producer Nadeem Sha and veteran Pakistani director, Iqbal Kashmiri.
Music is by Vajahat Atrye and is arranged by Uttam Singh.

The songs for the film will be sung by Indian singers, including Asha Bhosle
Sonu Niigaam, Shreya Ghoshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Alka Yagnik. The film will star Nadeem as Devdas and Reema as Chandramukhi. The role of Paro is yet to be finalised.
Says Sonu Niigaam, who was about to start riyaaz for the song
recording when we called him; “Uttamji asked me to sing a song.

This is not the first time I will be singing for a Pakistani film. I have sung before for many others when India and Pakistan were not on good terms with each other.

In those days, my name would not appear on the credits; instead, the name
Sunny Amjad would be used.”

Did he sing for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas (2002), starring Shah Rukh, Jackie Shroff, Aishwarya and Madhuri Dixit? “I had sung Sheeshe se sheesha takraye, but I don’t think Sanjay Leela Bhansali liked my voice, because he dubbed it with someone else without telling me.

At least with Pakistan’s Devdas, I know for sure they will never dub my voice with someone else's..
1. (00:04:59) Sonu Niigaam - Shola Tha Jal Bujha Hoon
2. (00:05:09) Kavita Krishnamurthy - Mere Dewana Pan
3. (00:04:23) Kavita Krishnamurthy - Tere Deeda Huwa
4. (00:05:28) Shreya Ghoshal - Kaise Jeeongi Bin Tere
5. (00:05:29) Asha Bhosley - Aa Paas Aaa
6. (00:06:04) Alka Yagnik - Teri Main Deewani Hoon
7. (00:06:00) Kavita Krishnamurthy - Shreya Ghoshal - Kahe Tum Sung
8. (00:01:24) Sonu Niigaam - Shola Tha Jal Bujha Hoon (Sad Version)
9. (00:04:57) Sonu Niigaam - Shola Tha Jal Bujha Hoon

Music is now available in pakistan, soon available all over !!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Sonu Niigaam In Danger During Stage Show !!

Fakir Hassen Johannesburg, Mar 22 (PTI) Bollywood playback singer Sonu Niigaam narrowly escaped from getting his face burnt during a stage performance here. The 36-year-old singer was performing at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, when he accidentally stepped into the path of one of the flamethrowers at the edge of the stage.

"What are you doing, man? Do you want me to burn my face?," a clearly irritated Niigaam told the technicians from stage before continuing with his performance. The firework was part of singer''s show, which was a blazing display of colour and dance.

The singer, known for hits like ''Suraj Hua Maddham'', ''Deewana'', ''Kal Ho Naa Ho'', thrilled the audience by mixing English and Indian songs in a unique way to dance moves that included steps popularised by Michael Jackson and Shammi Kapoor. Niigaam was also joined onstage by his young son Neevan for a cute rendition of the popular song ''All is Well'' and his Agam, who rendered a few golden oldies.

The singer also had a concert in Cape Town on Saturday and will do one more in Durban on Friday.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The singers of Bollywood !!

Sonu Niigaam came to Bollywood to act. After that didn't work out, he turned to singing. A composer in Bangalore who works for South Indian movies said to me that the reason so many Bollywood singers (who would be singing words they didn't understand) were used in Tamil and Telugu movies was that southern singers all had the same sort of voice. This was in the style of the singer S P Balasubramaniam. This composer told me, and I was startled, that the best singer around was Sonu Niigaam.

Read more

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Sonu Niiigaam at Lakme Fashion Week !!

Sonu Niiigaam at Lakme Fashion Week 2010 Day 4
In Grand Hyatt, Mumbai on 8th March 2010

See photo's

Shibani's Music Album Launch Do !!

There might be fighting and bad-mouthing between two people from the same industry, but there was none of that to be seen at Shibani Kashyap’s music album launch at Cinemax, Infinity Mall, Andheri on Tuesday.

For starters, co-singer Sonu Niigam did the honours and cut the red ribbon, after which he joined Shibani on stage for an entertaining musical duet. This was Shibani’s first album for the Mumbai-based ASA music label. Titled ‘My Free Spirit’, the album has nine outstanding tracks including a remix. There are four tracks composed by Justin and Uday (which Shibani describes as “refreshing compositions”), one by Santosh Nair, two by Shibani herself and a song from the original disco emperor, Bappi Lahiri, who has composed and sung on ‘Disco’ with Shibani, with a remix of the song provided by DJ Nakul Shourie.

Enjoying this musical magic were a host of musicians including Rabbi Shergill, Mika Singh, Manasi Scott and DJ Ishq Bector and a number of Shibani’s buddies including Siddharth Kannan and Suchitra Pillai. Co-hosts Vikram Bhatt and Suresh Thomas ensured that the night was a super success!

See photo's

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Venit, Vidit, Vicit - Sonu Niigaam In Rotterdam

Am 27.02.2010 erlebte Rotterdam einen Konzertabend der Superlative. Indiens Superstar und musikalisches Aushängeschild - Sonu Niigaam - gab sich für einen Abend die Ehre:

Die gut 3.500 Leute fassende Halle in Rotterdam-Ahoy war bis auf den letzten Platz gefüllt und ausserhalb der Halle warteten bei ungemütlichem Wetter nochmals gut 1000 weitere Fans, die trotz allem auf Einlass hofften.

Um 20 Uhr war es dann schließlich soweit und das Konzert begann. Gunjan Singh, die häufig Sonu Niigaam auf seinen Konzerten begleitet, schaffte es schnell, die wartende Menge mit Songs wie "Aaj Ki Raat" in Partystimmung zu versetzen.

Blumen, Liebesbriefe und Kuscheltiere

Nach einer weiteren guten halben Stunde und einigen ungeduldigen "Sonu, Sonu"-Rufen sorgte Sonu Niigaam's Intro - üblicherweise aus der Dunkelheit heraus gesungen - für geplante Verwirrung, aus welcher Richtung der Star letztendlich auftauchen wird und gleichzeitig für Verzückung bei den Fans. Als dann das Licht wieder anging und Sonu Niigaam auf der Bühne erschien, liess sich der Künstler erstmal gebührend begrüssen: seine Fans warfen ihm Blumen, Briefe und kleine Stofftiere auf die Bühne - ganz wie es auch bei grossen internationalen Popstars üblich ist.

Überwältigt von soviel Vorschuss-Jubel liess sich der indische Superstar nicht lange bitten und belohnte die Menge mit einem sprichwörtlich atemberaubenden dreieinhalb Stunden Konzert. Sonu Niigaam spulte auf der Bühne ein musikalisches Feuerwerk ab. Ohne auch nur einmal das Tempo zu drosseln, gab es einen Mix aus altbekannten und neueren Filmsongs und auch eigenen Popsongs, wobei jeder einzelne Song von den Fans mit viel Applaus und Jubelrufen begrüsst wurde.

Einzigartige Performance von Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"

Die Klassiker wie "Mera Rang De Basanti", "Main Hoon Na", "Suraj Hua Madham", "Kajra Mohabbat Walla" und "Bijuria" rissen selbst die ruhigsten Fans von den Stühlen; in den Gängen und vor der Bühne wurde mitgetanzt, die Songs wurden mitgesungen und es wurde mitgeklatscht. Die neueren Tracks wie das Duett "Zoobi Doobi" (mit Gunjan), "Soniyo", "Chiggy Wiggy", "Don't Say Alvida" und "Shukran Allah" wurden frenetisch bejubelt.

Ebenfalls bejubelt, aber auch gleichzeitig erstaunt zur Kenntnis genommen, wurden Sonu Niigaam's Ausflüge in die Englisch/Amerikanische Songwelt - so gab er Bee Gee's Klassiker "Staying Alive" zum Besten und Eric Claptons Superhit "Wonderful Tonight". Sonu Niigaam bewies damit seinem Publikum, dass er auch im internationalen Geschehen durchaus mithalten kann.

Nach einem mehr als gelungenen Konzertabend verabschiedet hat sich Sonu Niigaam dann mit einem seiner grössten Erfolge "Kal Ho Na Ho"; jedoch nicht ohne sich vorher ausgiebig bei seinem Publikum für den tollen Abend zu bedanken und dem Versprechen, bald schon wiederzukommen.

05-03-10 20:04
Alter: 10 days
Tania Vom Lehn/ All rights reserved.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Music Now - Released Ft: Sonu Niigaam 'Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai'

Cast : Ritesh Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Vishal Malhotra, Sonal Sehgal Ruslaan Mumtaz, Farah Khan, Satish Shah, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Boman Irani
Music Director : Sajid Wajid
Lyricist : Sameer
Director : Milap Zaveri
Cassettes & CD's on : T-series
Movie Release Date : 9 April 2010

Track list :
01 - Keh Do Zara ~ Rashid Ali (05:01)
02 - Nacha Main ~ Sonu Niigaam, Soumya Raoh (04:53)
03 - Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai ~ Shaan (04:45)
04 - Koi Rok Bhi Lo ~ Sonu Niigaam, Sunidhi Chauhan (05:09)
05 - Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai (Remix) ~ Shaan (04:45)
06 - Keh Do Zara (Remix) ~ Rashid Ali (03:32)
Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai music review !!

The song that follows next has predictability written all over it and though the tune does come with a strong sense of deja vu, it is not a pushover thankfully due to the kind of energy that Sonu Niigaam brings in his rendition. Starting off exactly in the same manner as 'Where's the party tonight?' [Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna], 'Nacha Main' is a club dance floor track features the entire principal cast of the film. With a strong influence of Punjabi folk to it while being presented along with Western arrangements, this passable track has Sowmya Raoh lending her vocals as well.
Finally arrives the love song 'Koi Rok Bhi Lo' which brings the album to a good conclusion. After an exciting beginning in 'Keh Do Zara', it's a nice touch to see this duet by Sonu Niigaam and Sunidhi Chauhan turning out to be reasonably (if not equally) impressive. A track that has a hint of sadness to it due to the lead couple trying to find bearing in their romantic relationship, 'Koi Rok Bhi Lo' has a grand arrangement to it at places which lends a classy touch to the proceedings.
Video : Nacha Main - Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai

A possible solution in the amendment of Copyright Act !!

After the war of words between Aamir Khan and Javed Akhtar, and Sonu Niigaam and Vidhu Vinod Chopra over the amendment in the Copyright Act, there now seems to be a solution in sight.

On Wednesday evening, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra went to Delhi to meet HRD minister Kapil Sibal to discuss the pending royalty issues. During the two-hourlong meeting, Chopra explained to Sibal that the proposed solution by the music fraternity of 50 per cent of the royalty amount being with the producer while 25 per cent each will be shared by the music director and lyricist was not feasible.

Among various solutions, Sibal and Chopra decided that a possible solution could be that the producer and author/composer can decide their share of royalties and other fees by a contract signed prior to a film going on the floors. Acting on the proposed solution, every member of the committee has received a copy of the proposed settlement yesterday.

According to the proposed solution, it is now clear that the right to negotiate and arrive at mutually acceptable terms is with the negotiating parties i.e. the producer and the author/composer. This will be part of the contract that the parties will enter into prior to making a film. The parties are free to do business any which way they desire.

Chopra said, "We as an industry really appreciate Kapil Sibal's efforts. This is for the betterment of the industry."

I welcome this as it is fair. That’s the way it should be. I am very happy — Sameer, Lyricist Yes, I am aware
of this. Who will not welcome it? It’s fantastic — Pritam Music composer

The music fraternity hasn’t discussed it yet. I would like Javed Akhtar to decide — Sonu Niigaam Singer

Let me go through the proposed amendment in detail. Only then will I talk — Javed Akhtar Lyricist

We are still not on the same page. It should be a win win situation for everyone involved — Madhur Bhandarkar Filmmaker

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bollywood Stars Embrace 'Bubbly'

Bollywood is bubbling with excitement over India's hottest new social networking service. Bubbly, a new mobile service that lets people record and send audio messages to the phones of their followers, is now connecting Bollywood's brightest stars including Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan with their legions of fans.

Mumbai, India / Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) March 9, 2010 -- Bollywood is bubbling with excitement over India's hottest new social networking service. Bubbly, a new mobile service that lets people record and send audio messages to the phones of their followers, is now connecting Bollywood's brightest stars including Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan with their legions of fans.

As the Hindi film industry grows, reaching a global audience with an increasing influence throughout the world, Bollywood celebrities are tapping emerging technologies and social media like never before. With Bubbly, stars are expanding their reach and connecting with their fan-base by simply recording audio updates directly into their phones.

"Bubbly helps fans stay connected to their favorite Bollywood celebrities all over the world," explains Tom Clayton, CEO of Bubble Motion, the company behind Bubbly. "Sonu Nigam's followers were greeted with a 'Happy Holi' message that was sent by Nigam from Amsterdam. Fans love the personal feeling of hearing their idols' actual voice on their own phone. And celebrities love Bubbly as a very simple and personal way for them to stay close with their fans."

Read more:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Sonu Niigaam Speaks To BBC Sheffield ...

One of India's biggest Bollywood actors, stage performers and playback singers
Sonu Niigaam spoke to BBC Radio Sheffield's Mushtaq Tufail in March 2010 about his stage performances.

Sonu Niigaam Sings For Varudu !!

Varudu (Telugu: వరుడు) is an upcoming Tollywood film directed by Gunasekhar
Due to be released in early 2010. This film, starring Allu Arjun in the lead role along with Tamil actor Arya, enacting a negative character for the first time Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde and Brahmanandam in supporting roles.
Danaiya is producing the film.
Music Is by Mani Sharma

Track List

1 Bahusha Vo Chanchalaa
Artist(s): Sonu Niigaam, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist: Veturi

2 Idhurojula Pelli 1
Artist(s): Jamuna Rani, Hemachandra, Malavika,
Vijayalakshmi, Sunanda, Ranjith
Lyricist: Veturi

3 Kalalu Kaavule
Artist(s): Hemachandra, Malavika
Lyricist: Veturi

4 Thalambraalatho
Artist(s): Hemachandra, Malavika
Lyricist: Veturi

5 Saare Jahaa
Artist(s): Benny Dayal
Lyricist: Veturi

6 Idhurojula Pelli
Artist(s): Hemachandra, Malavika
Lyricist: Veturi

7 Relaare Relaare
Artist(s): Karthik
Lyricist: Veturi
Two of Bollywood’s favorite back-up singers have in Tollywood
Bengali songstress Shreya Ghoshal and superstar Sonu Niigaam
have joined forces on this duet "Bahusa O Chenchala."

The serene music is by Mani Sharma and the wonderful voices will surely charm fans across the globe.

So check out Sonu Niigaam’s and Shreya Ghoshal‘s duet "Bahusa O Chenchala" and tell us what you think.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sonu Niigaam Snaps Back At Industry On Copyright !!

MUMBAI: After the much hyped spat between singer Sonu Niigaam and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra over royalty share for singers at the last Copyright panel committee meeting early this week, the singer bared his heart on a social networking site. Niigaam posted a note this morning talking about the copyright issue and suppressed state of creative artistes in the country. Read on-

Wake Up India from the slumber - Sonu Niigaam
All the producers, director, composers, lyrics writers present in the meeting, are witness to the fact that I never spoke about singers to get 25 per cent Royalties. That's a misquote by the media. Its the composers and lyrics writer's royalties that are confiscated by the music companies 100 per cent, and all we all were proposing was a fair split where in the producer being the funder, gets 50 per cent and rest
50 per cent split between the composers and the lyrics writers! How much more fair anyone wants us to get when in the rest of the world, 100 per cent goes to the composers and lyrics writers.!! We are not even discussing singers at this point.!

My favorite actor, whom I consider like my spiritual elder brother, who is known to be fair generally,.. just proposed to someone secretively, “forget it....give these guys one per cent.....“ What a magnanimous contribution!! My favorite actor!!!! Wow!! God bless all of them. I have anyways decided to live outside this country, a country that is too shy to give its artistes, their dues doesn't deserve purists like myself!. No wonder Ravishankarji, Zakirbhai, etc live abroad. I only feel bad for the future artistes, who will have to be subjected to this feudalistic arm twisting, if proper amendments are not made now. And the people who treat music as prayer and not a glamour driven activity.. Wake up India from the slumber!!


Sonu Niigaam

Career Women - Suman Kalyanpur !!

T-Series released Sunehri Yaadein, a re-recorded two-volume pack of her film hits in 1997 with Sonu Niigaam and Babla Mehta for the duets.

Unlike many seniors, Suman finds the music scene decent from the ‘90s. She loved Lekin and likes A.R. Rahman. She admires technological changes that facilitate perfection. But she is against the remix concept.
Read more:

A Book Changed Sonu Niigaam's Life !!

Leafing through the pages of a book, Sonu Niigaam looks up and says, “This is what changed my life forever.” Authored by Richard Carlson, the title reads: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff ... and it’s all small stuff.

Sonu recounts the eve of his 30th birthday, which he celebrated at the Miami airport, “I decided to gift myself something. I went to a bookshop and approached the lady at the paying counter with three books that I’d chosen. ‘Nice choice,’ she said, ‘but you’ve got to try this one’, and handed me this book by Carlson. ‘I’m not getting an extra cut on this one. It’s truly brilliant!’ she said. The three-and-a-half hour-long flight that followed reaffirmed all that I had known but had hesitated to believe. While reading this book, whenever I’d pause with a question, the answer would be right there in the following pages.”

Aage se right
Sonu admits that as a kid, he would often observe others behave a certain way and would wonder why he acted differently. He says, “These questions remained unanswered and childhood just passed me by. Born in a typical lower middle class family, we started keeping domestic help at home only 1993 onwards. I grew up saying thank you to anyone who would take my food plate away or offer to iron my clothes. From washing my own undergarments to picking up the utensils I ate in, I had always led my life a certain away. Some of my friends found it funny and I started questioning my habits, until decades later, I chanced upon this book. It didn’t teach me how to treat my help as equals; it taught me to trust my own opinions. In one chapter, the author talks of sweeping the streets one fine morning, just to see what it felt like. This book redefined my naive definition of ‘being cool’.”

As good as it gets
As for added advantages, the book seems to have worked wonders on Sonu’s temper too. He says, “While trying to become a singer, I encountered some of the worst people who tried to bully me, pull me down by calling me a ‘baccha’ in the industry, and the result was extreme anger and frustration. A chapter in this book told me how to picture things differently. The trick is to look at the person who you’re angry with as though he/she were an infant. When you picture this, you realise how he too must have gone crying to his mother on being bullied by someone in school. The anger vanishes instantly. You’re automatically ‘above’ him and that is an immense source of confidence.” Sonu claims to have become a calmer person now. Earlier, things would affect him easily and would make him temperamental. He says, “Now, I’ve actually started driving my car not to reach from point A to point B but to enjoy the ride itself, despite the Mumbai traffic. Think about it. If you are not in a hurry, why treat every drive of your life as an ordeal?”

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sonu Niigaam Sings For Appu and Pappu !!

After a month-long shooting schedule in Cambodia, the cast of ‘Appu and Pappu’ returned to the City and shared its experiences !!

The team members of Appu and Pappu were excited on finishing their 35-day-shooting in Cambodia with an orang-utan. To share their shooting experiences, the team organised a press conference in a city hotel recently.

The director of the film is R Anantha Raju and the producer is Soundarya Jagadish. For the first time in Kannada cinema, an orang-utan will play the lead role. At the conference, Jagadish said, “The shooting of the film was supposed to start in November but we could not find an orang-utan, which is the lead character in the film. We visited Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand in search of a trained orang-utan but finally got one in Cambodia.

The shooting went well beyond our expectations and the ape co-operated in every way.”
“We were jealous as there were six trainers, two doctors and two managers to look after the ape. Although, initially we were afraid to touch the orang-utan, we felt sad later to bid farewell to this companion,” he said.

Director Anantha Raju described the journey as a thrilling experience and appreciated child artiste Snehith. “While veteran actors were afraid to act with the huge ape, Snehith became a friend of the orang-utan in no time,” said the director. “The film is not just for children, everyone should see it,” he said.

Actor Abbas, who is back in Sandalwood with the film, said, “When I went through the script, it sounded good, and I became part of it. I enjoyed each and every moment on the set as well as off it.” Hamsalekha, who scored music for the film, said, “I have composed five melodious songs, exclusively for the film, and Sonu Niigaam and Shankar Mahadevan have crooned a song each in their rich voice.”

The story revolves around a boy and the orang-utan. Producer Soundarya Jagadish’s son Master Snehith is playing the lead role. The film also features Rekha, Komal Kumar, Madhuri, Jennifer Kotwal, Rangarayan Raghu and others. Sixty per cent of the movie was shot in Cambodia and the remaining 40 per cent will be done in Bangalore. The film will be released in May.

Sonu Niigaam & Biddu !!

There's one incident which Biddu hasn't mentioned in the book, though he wished he did. “It was quite some time back. I met Sonu (Niigaam) the first time at Holiday Inn in Mumbai. We were sitting at the restaurant and I saw an attractive girl wearing jeans and tattered T-shirt walk past. She was with an older man who could have been her dad. Just when she was leaving, Sonu told her ‘I love your films'. She smiled and turned towards me and said, ‘I love your music. I am a big fan.' I asked her, ‘What's your name?' She replied, ‘Madhuri.' ‘What do you do?' I asked her. ‘I act,' she said, ‘ films.'

After she left Sonu told me she was Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri Dixit! I felt like such an idiot!”

Read Full interveiw:

Sonu Niigaam Interview - Netherlands, Ahoy (Rotterdam Holland) 27-02-10 !!

BollySpice journalist Charla Manohar got together with musical sensation
Sonu Niigaam before his concert in Rotterdam. In the first part of the interview, the singer talked about the copyright issues that have recently been raised in Bollywood. Writers, composers and lyricists want to make amendments to the current copyright act of 1957. According to this act, they do not get any royalties for their songs for the years to come. While producers and music companies are making money, these talented and integral parts of the music produced in Bollywood have to fight for their rights to this money. India is the only country that doesn't honour them; everywhere else in the world, all the parties behind a musical piece get royalties for their contribution.

Sonu explained that he met with Aamir Khan last week before his trip to Holland to talk about this issue extensively. Aamir recently said that actors are the ones who are the real stars and they are the ones who make the songs hits, irrespective of good lyrics or tunes. Sonu didn't like the comment and decided to talk to him about the issue. "Aamir is a good friend of mine and I love him very much, that is why I went to talk to him."

In our interview with Sonu he said it is an old tradition in our country that one guy sings and the "star" lip-syncs. This doesn't happen in any other country. Sonu added that he told Aamir that if he feels this way, he should stop using songs in his films. "Every film is promoted by using the songs. Aamir wanted to understand but he doesn't know that in the whole world, there isn't one country that has the same policy that is being used in India. Music industries are a separate business."

According to Sonu, Indian films shouldn't have songs. Because of the Hindi film songs, the private music industry isn't doing well. "There is no independent music industry in our country because of film music. Film music has killed ghazals, has killed classical, has killed any other kind of pop music or bhangra music or whatever."

Sonu is fighting for these copyright amendments being made. "Actors and producers of course have their own reasons for not letting this happen, because when the amendments are made they are going to lose a lot of money. But it is not only a money issue, it is more about what is right and what is wrong." He added that many people are involved in making one song. There are singers, actors, composers and lyricists, but sometimes the credit only goes to the actor. "Also most of the money earned by sales of the audio CD goes to the music company. In our country the credit mostly doesn't go to the musicians, but to actors, producers and directors.

He said that in the whole world there is this rule, that composers and lyricists get royalties of the songs they compose and write. "Only in India this doesn't happen." He spoke about the wife of composer Khemchand Prakash. "She has died while begging in front of a radio station, because they didn't get any royalties. That is why we want everyone to get royalties. So that we don't have to worry about our old age, because we will be ensured of an income."

Aamir, are you listening?

Monday, 1 March 2010