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Sonu Nigam At Ajmer Sharif 12-04-13

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Dandam Dashagunam' - Music Now Released !!

Cast : Chiranjeevi Sarja, Ramya, Jeevi, Ravi Kumar, Tilak...
Music Director : V Hari Krishna - Lyrics : Kaviraj
Story, Screenplay, Director : K Madesh
Banner : CR Mohan Presents, Sri Chamundeswari Films
Producer : A Ganesh
Label : Anand Audio
Year : 2011

Song 01 : Ondooral - Sonu Niigaam
Song 02 : Kalli Neenu - Shaan, Shamita Malnad
Song 03 : Marali Marali - Karthik
Song 04 : Rasikanu Ivanu - Anuradha Bhat
Song 05 : Neenillade - Chetan


Monday, 28 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam Turns Bollywood Composer!

Singer Sonu Nigam has taken his passion for music and Bollywood up by another few notches by turning music composer.

Though he has composed music for his album in the past, this is the first time that he has composed music for a film.

Nigam reveals that it was the famous tabla and percussionist maestro Bickram Ghosh, who roped him to compose the music for the Girish Malik-directed film Jal, which is based on the lives of people living in the Kutch desert.

“Girish was running across a few ideas with me to act in his film Jal. As we discussed the music, he made me hear his idea of music that included a piece done by Bickram, who is currently working on a world music album with me,” informs the singer. “It was actually Bickrambhai who proposed that I compose the music for Jal with him and I loved the idea,” adds Sonu excitedly. Singer Shubha Mudgal will be singing on their first song tomorrow.

But while Nigam did take up the offer to compose music, he turned down the director’s request to act in the film, though the reasons are not clear yet. But a surprise cameo cannot be ruled out completely either, as the film-maker was rather keen to have Nigam on board as an actor too.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam Is Very Humble - Aditya Narayan

Aditya Narayan returns to anchoring with X Factor

How do you think X factor will make a mark in the minds of the audiences?

I am extremely delighted to be a part of the biggest singing reality show on Indian television. X Factor refers to the indefinable something that makes for star quality, so if you have it in you, come and show your talent. We are the 21st country launching this iconic show and contestants here won’t have an age bar. Also, we have different genres of singing like ghazal, devotional, etc. So this show will provide unlimited entertainment to the audiences.

Will you have a special look in the show?

My look in the show will be contemporary and I have a stylist helping me with it. Also, I will be wearing oodles of charm!!

Who is your favourite singer?

There are many singers I like but I love Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Niigaam, Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Ghoshal because they are sensational.

What is your take on Sonu Niigaam as judge?

He is very humble and like an older brother to me. He has immense experience judging reality shows and I think he is the perfect candidate to judge X-factor. I feel the contestants will come out as better singers and performers after their interaction with him on X-Factor.

What are your future projects apart from this show?

I am happy the way my career has shaped up. Right now, I am just concentrating on this show and my singing but there would be an acting project starting next year


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam (From ‘Acha Sila Diya Tune’ To ‘Zoobi Doobi’)

From ‘Acha Sila Diya Tune’ to ‘Zoobi Doobi’, and ‘Deewana’ to ‘Bijuriya’, Sonu Nigam has dabbled with pop, Western and classical genres of music. He wishes to experiment more with his voice while his versatility as a singer is unquestionable, says Srabanti Chakrabarti

Clones of famous singers do not last long. Be it a Kumar Sanu trying to ape Kishore Kumar or a Mohd Aziz imitating Mohd Rafi, they have been in the limelight for a few years only to be relegated to oblivion, later. The Hindi film music industry has been ruthless to clones. If you have to survive, you have to establish your own identity.

And that is precisely what Sonu Nigam did. The most-wanted singer in Bollywood today, Nigam started his career by singing cover versions of Mohd Rafi hits for T-Series. Although he did gain popularity after hosting Sa Re Ga Ma, he became Bollywood’s most sought-after playback singer only after his superhit number, Yeh Dil Deewana from Pardes.

He returns to television as a judge in X Factor on Sony Entertainment Television. “I have always believed in creating my own identity and never tried to imitate anyone. That does not mean I have not learned from my predecessors. I have tried to imbibe good qualities from the people I admire,” says Sonu Nigam.

On the situation of playback singers in Bollywood, Sonu says, “A number of good singers are not getting enough opportunities. Today, music directors give opportunities to only those singers with whom they can do shows later. Whether they are capable of singing a particular song or not is not even considered.”

Worried about this developing trend, Sonu decided to take a break and spent close to a year in the US, jamming up with musicians in the West Coast. In fact, he was also planning to release an album there.

Says Sonu, “I will need some more time before I can complete and release the album. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer and till she recovers, I cannot leave her and go abroad for a long duration.” The wait will definitely be worth it, considering Nigam’s albums have always been chartbusters. Songs like Deewana Main Hoon Tera or Bijuriya, from his non-film albums, have been extremely popular.

What does he think about the new breed of singers who are being churned out of reality shows on television? Are they even talented to have a successful or rather long-lasting career in the Hindi film industry? “Some singers, for instance, Rahul Vaidya, are really talented. I really do not know why they are not getting a chance in playback singing. A few are doing well, especially in stage shows.”

In the past, we have seen talented singers like Amit Kumar retiring from playback singing and concentrating only on stage shows. Amit was not happy with the deteriorating quality of songs being composed for Hindi films and the kind of treatment music directors were meting out to singers. Sonu partially agrees and says that a stage show is the right platform to test a singer’s mettle. “I feel happy to know that many stage shows are being conducted across the country. What’s even better is that budding singers are also getting a chance to sing for a large audience and have the opportunity to earn money.”

So, what brings him back to television? Sonu was a judge on Indian Idol but he chose to discontinue his commitment to the show. “It reached a point wherein the whole exercise was only to earn TRPs and not to celebrate music. I did not want to be associated with such shows and therefore, I took a break. I chose to judge X Factor only because it is a reality show for kids,” Nigam explains.

The singer has also been experimenting with his looks lately. “Why is that people keep questioning and discussing about my looks? Why is a singer targeted for trying to look good?” he asks.

All we hope for is that we are regularly treated to his soulful voice, both on television and films.


Sonu Niigaam - My Fans Don't Own Me (Interveiw)

From someone who started cutting albums for Gulshan Kumar, the multifaceted Sonu Nigam who is rocking the world stage today in US, Gulf, Europe and even Russia, has come a long way. Partially settled in Los Angeles, Sonu continues to top the list of every big filmmaker who wants a potential chartbuster .

While he sung in 54 different voices for Tees Maar Khan, he also had a high adrenaline 10-minute medley song in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Sonu's currently basking in the glory of performing live with the song (Let's go for glory) for the opening ceremony of World Cup Cricket and also busy performing live and collaborating with international singers like Jermaine Jackson. There were news reports of him collaborating with Bryan Adams on his trip to India, but Sonu rubbishes them all. "Bryan Adams was very kind to come on stage and sing the same song while I was rehearsing it, but that's where the matter ends. There is no collaboration happening with him," he says.

Performing live has its share of problems too, says the singer. "See I have to do my best because I am not as glamorous or as well-equipped like a Beyonce Knowles or Michael Jackson, where their band members are close to 100-150 people. They even have great equipment which is flown along with the artists. They have a budget of around $5 million pumped in to make their concerts a hit. I just have a 30 member team. When I perform I only think of how I can become one with the audience. I can neither be overwhelmed by their love nor can I look down upon myself. And even I don't have any method or theory to perform."

Sonu is now spending more time in India to be with his mother. He will return in another music reality show on television. But this time he has definite parameters for being part of one. "I believe that reality shows are TRP driven, but I don't like the idea of being a 'fighting judge'. In my new show, there is no such scenario, so I accepted."

Talk veers towards his innermost dreams and Sonu tells us he has stopped planning for anything since a long time. "I am concentrating on my fitness levels so that I don't look old. Hopefully my hard work and a balanced lifestyle will open the doors by the Almighty to something new and exciting."

His fans love him but they have often remarked about his experimenting with different 'looks'. People have also commented about his 'spiritual' phase. "As long as I am not found drunk, lying in a pub or fighting with someone, I don't think people should comment on my hairdo or looks. My fans are my critics and I respect their feedback and constructive criticism, but they should not try to own me. Don't they experiment with their looks too? If they are my real fans then they will accept me how I am."

Talking about his happiness quotient, Sonu says, "My idea of a happy life does not depend on the fact that there is a party on Saturday. My happiness is not dependent on others, it comes from within. Spiritual growth in a person is never encouraged, but it is important. I don't know why people want to judge others instead of doing their own thing. I firmly feel that I don't need to follow or live according to other people's rules. I like living life the way I want to. No questions asked."


Friday, 18 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Kool' - Music Releasing Soon!

Godrej Appliances has now entered into a co-marketing tie up with Kool produced by Ms. Shilpa Ganesh and directed by actor Ganesh.

Ganesh is paired with Sana Khan in this film which boasts of technical expertise.

The big name associated with the movie include cinematography by Rathna Velu of Robot fame, editing by Anthony and songs are rendered by top singers like Sonu Niigaam & Shreya Ghoshal
This is a unique corporate-Sandalwood tie-up which is designed to bring customers` dream come true this summer, says Ramesh Chembath, Senior General Manager of the Godrej Appliances in a press meet.

Shilpa Ganesh, the producer of Kool says that this tie up is a perfect synergy as both Godrej and Kool stands for style, enthusiasm and youth centric appeal.

While Godrej will be the official promotional partners of Kool, the film's content will have space for showcasing some of the Godrej products. Shilpa Ganesh also announced that the audio release of the film is due in a few days. The release of the film has been planned for April.

Lyricist Kaviraj who has written all the five songs of the film was also present in the press meet.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sonu Nigaam Sings In 'Prema Chandrama' Kannada Movie Songs - Now Released!

Movie Name : Prema Chandrama
Year : 2011
Cast : Raghu Mukherjee, Rekha, Kiran Srinivas...
Music Director : V HariKrishna
Banner : Sri Jenukallu Chitralaya
Producer : G Krishnappa, VE Ganesh, GS Jagadish
Director : Sahuraj Shinde
Cassettes and CDs : Anand Audio
Lyrics : Kaviraj, Yograj Bhat, Dr V Nagendra Prasad

01 Ommomme - Sonu Niigaam
02 Rasteyalli - Tippu, Shravya
03 Kangalu - Harish Raghavendra, Shamita Malnad
04 Ellindalo - Shaan, Anuradha Bhatt
05 Ondaanondhu - Shankar Mahadevan, Karthik


Sonu Nigaam Sings In 'Rajadhani' Kannada Movie Songs - Now Released!

Movie Name : Rajadhani - Year : 2011
Cast : Yash, Sathya, Raviteja, Sandeep,Umasri, Ramesh Bhat
Raju Thalikote, Arun Sagar...
Music Director : Arju
Producer : Smt Sowmya Sathyan NR - Director : Raghu Jaya
Cinematography : HC Venu
Cassettes and CDs : Anand Audios
Lyrics : Dr V Nagendraprasad, Kaviraj, Shivanaje Gowda

01 Midiva Ninna - Sonu Niigaam, Shreya Goshal
02 Tightu Tightu - Mohammed Aslam, Avinash Chebbi, Sumanth, Aakansha Badami
03 Namm Appa Amma - Harsha Sadanand, Rahul Nambiyar
04 Tottilu - Arjun Janya
05 I Wanna Do It - Kailash Kher
06 Tightu Tightu Remix - Mohammed Aslam, Avinash Chebbi
07 Tottilu Instrumental Version - Flute by Shakti

Sonu Niigaam - 'Today's youngsters Are Good In Confidence' - Interveiw!

Sonu Niigaam who started his singing career at the tender age of three needs no introduction today!! Considered to be one of the major forces in the Indian music industry, Sonu is now ready to judge yet another musical reality show on television, X Factor on Sony Entertainment Television
Here is he in a heart-to-heart talk with TellyBuzz

What is X Factor all about?

X Factor is one of the biggest shows of music in the world right now. I would say that Indian idol was the biggest earlier, but now things have changed. X Factor has given great singers to the world and the format has been tried and tested and is acknowledged throughout the globe.

Will the format of the Indian version be similar to the international one?
Yes, I think the format will remain the same but along with that our personality will also show up in the show.

How are you as a judge approaching the show?
You will see me as a strict judge when it comes to judging the nuances of singers, because this stage is strictly meant for good singers. If you cannot sing properly, you do not have the right to stand in front of the judges authentically. We are here to search for that X Factor in a singer..

How did you get convinced to judge the show?
I got this proposal some three months back, but I had immediately refused to be part of it. In all these talent hunt shows, lots of fights take place between the judges and I do not prefer that. I usually opt to take up kids reality shows, in order to be away from such fights. I have always been comfortable doing Little Champs and Chhote Ustaad. But when I heard that X Factor was not just related to music I gave it a second thought. It so happened that certain middle aged aspiring singers who auditioned for this show came to me and told me how lucky I was to get the right platform at such a young age to showcase my talent. It was something very nice, and I took it as a great incentive to fulfill the wishes of people who are in the afternoon or evening of their life. X Factor is such a show which is a platofrm for such singers, and I wanted to be part of the journey of such people by judging it. You can come here as an individual, as a Jodi or as a group to participate.

What is the kind of performance that will woo you as judge?
Performance for me is not something that prompts the audience to 'Clap hands', or come up with expressions like 'Cool' or 'Yo'. Performance is one when a singer knows that he/she is singing very well with all the confidence. That is X Factor for me, and I feel that coming up with all the extras like dancing or putting some mannerisms in your act will not help.

Being an established singer do you think you could have done way better if you got such a platform to perform?
See, as a singer you very well know that the person who will matter the most is the composer. During my struggling days, there were certain composers who had the ISI mark; if you get to work with them your life is actually set. One such composer duo was Laxmikant Pyarelal. I still remember the days when I used to drive my bike and when I used to go past their house, my head would automatically bow down, and I used to pray to God to give me one chance to prove my worth before them. I started my career with lack of confidence. I was a school drop out, and had no God Father in the industry. But in today's era if you see, all the youngsters are so good in confidence, and I feel happy when I see them doing well in such platforms offered.

So are you happy with the standard of reality shows we have on TV today?
Yes, from a singer's perspective, I agree that with more and more reality shows happening, singers get more of scope. Again, going back to my days, there was this composer who used to always shout at singers, and we used to apologize to him even if it was not our mistake. We were forced to abide to all their whims and fancies as we had no other option. But today, I don't think the flourishing singers would put up with such tantrums. They have so many options made available to them like the live shows, reality shows thro' which they can make money. So I feel really happy for the singers of today.

What happens to those who do not win such competitions? It has been noted that the singer who wins gets all the fame
Every coin has two sides to it, and it is a known fact that only one person can be the winner. Having said this, the other singers do get their share of success and recognition. The world can never be fair to anyone. Just see for yourself, even though Abhijit Sawant won Indian Idol, Rahul Vaidya is far more successful today. Though he is not getting many of the movie offers, Rahul is a content man as he gets to do so many stage shows. Atleast he is not standing outside anyone's house looking for work.

Do you feel it is wise for successful reality show singers to opt for different things other than singing?
See, they will obviously seek work outside if they do not get called by composers. Nowadays, the composers have the habit of singing their songs themselves. If at all they offer a chance to an aspiring singer, they give a chance to the one who is under their contract. If a singer does not get a good opportunity, it is not always his mistake. There are many composers who till date have not given me even one chance to sing for them. This does not mean that I am a bad singer. Nothing is in our hands. Everyone today wants to be a legend, and they do grab the first opportunity they get.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

Sonu Niigaam Ft In Chorus - 2011: Sharda University's Annual Youth Festival

Sharda University's Annual Youth festival 'Chorus-2011' - a two day event of fun and entertainment was celebrated from 11- 12 March 2011. 'Chorus-2011' provided a perfect blend of ancient and modern management along with socio-cultural issues.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, March 13, 2011 /India PRwire/ -- Sharda University's Annual Youth festival 'Chorus-2011' - a two day event of fun and entertainment was celebrated from 11- 12 March 2011. 'Chorus-2011' provided a perfect blend of ancient and modern management along with socio-cultural issues. Based on the theme of 'Global Oneness', the fest signified working together to ensure better quality of life for our future generations.

The festival witnessed the esteemed presence of Shri Salmaan Khurseed, Hon'ble Minister of Water Resources & Minority Affairs as the chief guest and the live performance by popular Bollywood Playback Singer Sonu Nigam and world renowned Punjabi rapper, Hard Kaur. Also present were prominent model, Amanpreet Wahi and VJ Bani leaving the audience spell bound and asking for more.

Addressing students on the occasion, Mr. P.K Gupta, Chancellor & Founder Chairman of Sharda Group of Institutions said, 'Chorus-2011', the annual youth festival is based on the idea of 'Global Oneness', initiating ideas of brotherhood, unity and enthusiasm amongst the young generation. It offers students a common platform to exhibit their hidden talents and develop inter-personal & managerial skills. Moreover, it boosts the free-spirits amongst the students with live performances by celebrities, musical bands and dance troupes."

"Chorus-2011" was indisputably a kaleidoscope of cultural activities, entertainment & technical programmes with plethora of events on the platter. The list goes unending with Robo-Wars, Nukkkad Naatak, Stage Play, Poster Making, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Photography, Mr. & Miss. Chorus to name a few.

Adding to this extravaganza the live melodic concert by renowned singer Sonu Nigam & troupe and breath-taking performance by the Rapper Queen Hard Kaur was certainly icing on the cake. A high voltage performance by the musical maestro mesmerized the music enthusiasts with their hit numbers on Friday & Saturday night. Thousands of audience sang and stepped on the phenomenal voice of Nigam while Hard Kaur certainly stole their hearts.

An unprecedented crowd gathered at the Knowledge Park- III, Greater Noida to witness the concert thus making the event a memorable one.

About Sharda University:
Sharda University an institution which promises to become one of India's leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching. With its outstanding faculty, world class teaching standards, and innovative academic programmes, Sharda intends to set a new benchmark in Indian education.

Established as a state private university in Greater Noida through the U.P. State Legislative Act in 2009 and approved by UGC, is the only multi-discipline campus spread over 63 acres with an impressive infrastructure, a diverse mix of students, and a stimulating environment. In obedience of the public notice by UGC we don't have any off-campus centre(s) beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the State, i.e. Uttar Pradesh.

Sharda may be new but its founders, the Sharda Group of Institutions, have been providing quality education in northern India for 15 years.


Sonu Niigaam Rocks At BIG STAR IMA Awards Gala Nite

Sonu Niigaam, Abhishek, Katrina,, Shankar, Mika enthrall packed
house at Reliance Media Works Studio

MUMBAI: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Beera Beera, Right Here Right Now, Dus Bahane, Jugni, Pyar do Pyar lo and other top Bollywood numbers resounded at Filmcity as Abhishek Bachchan, Mika Singh and Shankar Mahadevan brought the house down at the grand finale of the BIG STAR IMA Awards. The original Barbie doll of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif, enthralled the audiences with her jaw-dropping Moulin Rouge-style act as Sheila, while the most versatile singer of the music industry, Sonu Niigam, charmed the audiences with a medley of 23 songs across eras of music. The gala awards night was hosted by the entertaining duo Tusshar Kapoor and Kunal Khemmu, who have made a comeback after the success of 2010’s super hit movie, Golmaal 3. The duo upped the fun factor with their one-liners and hilarious gags that entertained the audiences throughout the event.

The evening saw glitterati from Bollywood and the music industry walking the red carpet as the performers and guests strutted their way into the event. Veteran directors from the Bollywood industry like Karan Johar, Yash Chopra posed for shutterbugs while the glam quotient was heightened by Salim-Suleiman, Luke Kenny, Mamta Sharma and Shruti Pandit, amongst others.

The event, conceptualized and executed by BIG Live, the experiential marketing arm of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, recognized the best from the music industry across various genres. 92.7 BIG FM saw a countdown to the event as well as a live update of the entire event from the venue. The awards saw the best in the industry ranging from Bollywood to Pop, Jazz to Ghazals and Folk to New Age music and more being honoured.

The awards will be aired on Star Plus.


Sonu Niigaam Sings Malayalam Fist Time Ever!

The road to success is not a bed of roses. Prabhu Deva, the choreographer turned actor turned director will soon be seen donning the role of Vawali in the Santosh Sivan directed magnum opus epic drama ‘Urumi’. The film sees Prithviraj playing the lead role with a good handful of lead roles portrayed by lead artists across the country.

The talkies part of the film is taking place. In connection with this Prabhu Deva who has a very relevant part in the film, recently revealed to media he has dubbed for the film in his own voice. Though Santosh Sivan had saved a good three days for Prabhu Deva’s dubbing, the actor has surprised everyone with his quick and correct version of rendering the Malayalam language.

Sources also reveal that Deva will be seen in the film as the lead character’s close associate. Prabhu Deva will share screen space with Nithya Menon, and the duo will also feature in a song together. We need not have a doubt with regards to the cinematography as well as the scenic beauty in the film because ‘Urumi’ is a Santosh Sivan product.

‘Urumi’ is set in the 15th century. The film is being created with a whooping 20-crore budget which makes it the second most costliest film in the Malayalam film industry next to ‘Pazhasi Raja.’ One more highlight of ‘Urumi’ is a song sung by Sonu Nigam. This is the first Malayalam film where the singer has lent his voice for a song. The audio release of the film will be held in the Kerala capital of Thiruvananthapuram next week, suggest reports.

With many such firsts let’s hope ‘Urumi’ clears the first place in Malayalam charts post release.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam Performs At IMA Awards

The music industry has never seen it this big! Come March 11, the BIG STAR IMA Awards, will see the music industry and Bollywood make a beeline to Filmcity.

The awards, which are as grand as it gets, will see the coming together of media conglomerates Reliance Broadcast Network and Star India, and the most credible representative of the music industry, Indian Music Academy (IMA).

The star-studded night will see performances by some of the biggest names like Shankar Mahadeven, music legend Sonu Niigaam, Mika and Tochi Raina, all these in a never-seen-before avatar. This, mixed with the slant of Tusshar Kapoor and Kunal Khemu's rippling comedy promises to bring the house down.

The industry is already buzzing with possible winners across genres that range from Bollywood to pop, jazz to ghazals and folk to new age music on the social media platform. You surely don't want to miss this one.


Sonu Niigaams X Factor Auditions Begin!

12th and 13th March 2011 are the dates for X Factor Delhi NCR auditions.
Sonu Niigaam hosted show X Factor India on Sony Tv gets into auditions phase starting 12th March 2011.

X Factor on Sony Entertainment Tv - Duniya ka Sabse Bada Music Reality show comes to India and X Factor last phase auditions are in Delhi NCR.

X Factor India Audition Delhi Venue Date and Details
X Factor Audition Date - 12th and 13th March 2011
X Factor Audition Time - 9 am to 5 pm
X Factor Audition Venue Address - Mayoor School ,Sector 126, Expressway, Noida


Sonu Niigaam Is On Cloud Nine!

Singer Sonu Niigaam is on cloud nine, post the super success of a filmy number that he sang in 54 variations. He also crooned at the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup in Dhaka and sang with international musician Bryan Adams during rehearsals.

Now the singer is back on a music reality show after a short hiatus. Niigaam had earlier judged a couple of music reality shows, but he says that they were primarily for kids.

Ask him what kept him away from judging more mature singing shows and he says, “Initially, I was hesitant about the show because I don’t trust music shows. The team approached me about three months ago and I had refused. I felt that all reality shows go the TRP route and influence responses and circumstances. Music is too pure for me and I don’t want to pollute it.”

He further adds, “At first I thought that X-Factor would be like that too. But then when I saw the international shows and then I realised that this was different, which is why I agreed to be a part of it.”

Of late, Niigaam has been making frequent trips to the US. Talking about it, he says, “Los Angeles is like my second home. I felt peaceful when I was there for some time. I got time to analyse my life and realise what I should be doing. I started at a very young age so I wanted to take time off to do things that I like. Also, I met many international musicians there.”

Niigaam is a content father and says that he feels elated that his son Neevan has sung with Lata Mangeshkar, “Neevan is a very bright kid. He likes to sing, play and do Judo. I feel Neevan is very blessed to have sung with Lataji,” he signs off.


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: March 13 will see one of the biggest musical mega shows happening in the city. Top-notch Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam and his band will be giving a musical treat on that evening at Nishagandhi. The show marks the finale of the PAACET Festival-2011, the national-level technical and cultural fest organised by P A Aziz College of Engineering and Technology (PAACET) every year.

The singer, who has to his credit some of the biggest bollywood hit numbers,

like ‘Sandeshe aate hain’, ‘Kal ho na ho’, ‘Ishq bina’, ‘Tu hi tu’, ‘Suraj hua madham’, ‘Main hoon na’,’Piyu bole’, ‘Main agar kahoon’, ‘All Izz Well’ etc and who carries the tag of an electrifying stage performer, will be performing from 6 pm onwards at the

VenueThe event is being managed by ADD event management company, which has done stages for many fests and the sound and lights will be by Reynolds.

While the technical fest of the college began on the PAACET campus at Karakulam on Wednesday and will continue on Thursday, the cultural fest will begin at Nishagandhi on Thursday and will end on Sunday.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Playback Singing Is Shaapit - Interview !!

More in the news for his changing head of hair than a Hindi film track,
Sonu Niigaam says most Hindi film songs are being rendered by the composer himself

You are hardly singing for films and focussing on shows instead. Yes, because I don't get good songs to sing. The good ones are rendered by the composer himself, or are given to other singers. I don't want to sing for B or C grade films any longer. I respect my voice enough not to grab every playback singing offer.

Are you upset? I will continue to sing for shows, television, films and at award functions. I don't hold grudges against people who don't engage me. Finally, it's business, and they are taking care of their business in the way they deem fit.

Are you suggesting that playback singing is not essential to survive as a singer? Playback singing is shaapit (cursed). At a award function, Shah Rukh Khan said, "I owe 60 per cent of my success to singers who have sung for me." I appreciate that because it's rare for a playback singer's contribution to be so liberally acknowledged.

I don't like the phrase 'playback singing', the way Mr Bachchan doesn't like 'Bollywood'. What do you mean by playback? Why does every singer have to do playback? Playback singing is only one genre. You could be doing classical, semi-classical, ghazals... What's important is to be a good singer.

Is there a market here for private albums?
Yes, but album sales have dipped. Their place has been usurped by performances and music reality shows. That's why the world's biggest singing talent show on TV, X factor, has come to India. In the absence of such shows, a singer wouldn't want to be a singer today. Few singers actually get the chance to sing in films. With the help of digital equipment, anybody can become a singer in the industry. These shows have opened new avenues for singers to survive.

What albums are you working on? One is for Greg Ellis and the famous tabla player Bikram Ghosh. It has songs in nine matraas, which is a rare feat. The other album, with guitarist Gaurav Diji who composed the music for Knock Out, will have contemporary music.

What about your album with Lata Mangeshkar, featuring a song by your son, Nevaan?
Sarhadein will be released in a month. Lataji suggested my son's name. I was in America when I got a call saying she had asked them to check if my son would sing. Before his third birthday, he had recorded the song. It just happened.

Your hairstyle has been a subject of debate. It's inadvertent. When I was in America in 2009, I allowed my hair to grow and acquired this look. Now I have developed a new respect for women. I know how difficult it is to maintain long hair.

It's given you the aura of a pop star, but there's no concept of a pop sensation in India. Zahir Hussain has long, unkempt hair. Nobody argued with him. Singers are crazy, and it's high time Indians accept us as we are.


Sonu Niigaam Ft: On Kavita Subramaniams New Album!

Singers: Kavita Subramaniams, Sonu Niigaam, Pandit Jasraj, Hariharan
Lucky Ali and Suresh Wadkar

Lyricist/s: Javed Akhtar, Ravindra Jain and Sameer,

Music: L. Subramaniam

Out soon!


Sonu Niigaam Sings For Rajdhani

BANGALORE: It was a case of shedding advice and receiving some at the ‘Rajdhani’ audio release function.

Namma kichcha Sudeep was the chief guest of the event. During the launch, he was informed that Yash and Chethan Chandra, two of the four heroes of the movie, took a major risk by jumping from a 24-storey building situated near Yashwanthpur while shooting for ‘Rajdhani’.

Sudeep advised Yash not to take such blatant risks since composing similar sequences has now become easy owing to advanced technology. Cautioning Yash not to make such attempts in the future, Sudeep said, “It is true such attempts may bring name and fame but it is too risky to take part in such sequences. If these scenes are the only criteria for artistes, especially upcoming ones, to be in limelight; other artistes too will start craving for such opportunities. It might trigger a chain reaction.”

While other heroes were unable to find a spot on the stage, Yash was seen smiling with pride and seemed quite content to receive advice from his friend Sudeep.

Meanwhile, Tara, one of the invitees, reminded Sudeep of his injury during the shooting of ‘Kempe Gowda’. “Sudeep has forgotten about that incident. We know Sudeep is committed and dedicated to his assignments but he, being a workaholic, forgets risks involved in such situations,” said Tara.

Minister of Home and Transport R Ashok, who released the audio CDs and cassettes along with Sudeep, said that the film industry has to encourage Yash. If everything goes as per plan, ‘Rajdhani’ will to hit the silver screen next month.
Sonu Niigaam & Shreya Goshal have sung the songs while Arjun has composed the music for this film, apart from rendering one song. “The film has all ingredients to keep the audience rooted to their seats. Mumait Khan’s item song ‘Taitu full taitu’ will be an added attraction. This film has a message to society too,” said producer of the film.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam & Jackson Album Completing In Dubai

Jackson told Gulf News that the album will have Middle Eastern and Asian influences

Dubai: Jermaine Jackson, whose own attributes were often overlooked due to the phenomenal success of his brother Michael and sister Janet, is set to release his first solo album in 19 years, with several of the tracks having being recorded in Dubai.

Jackson told Gulf News that the album will have Middle Eastern and Asian influences while retaining its R & B core.

"I hope people will enjoy listening to my new songs just as much as I have enjoyed recording them," said Jackson, who was a surprise visitor to Meydan Racecourse on Thursday night.

"I've collaborated with musicians like Adnan Sami and Sonu Nigam on the album which will have a fair share of contemporary Middle Eastern and Asian rhythms. We hope to release the album this summer."

In the last 70s and early 80s Jermaine and his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael were The Jackson 5, a pop-music phenomena that remains till now one of the most successful and best selling music bands of all times

By Leslie Wilson Jr Racing & Special Features Writer


Sonu Niigaam Is Back In Form

Sonu Nigam is an artist who defines versatility as a singer and now as an actor. The actor is back with numerous assignments.

Recently at a musical award ceremony Sonu showed off his funny bone with a hilarious mimicry of his colleagues like Shankar Mahadevan, A. R. Rehman, Himesh Reshmiya, Pritam & Adnan Sami with his superb singing skills and great presence of mind. The singer also sang in 54 different voices for Farah Khan's last venture, which went on becoming a chart topper. Apart from singing in several female voices he has sung the song with an array of accents in his trademark style! Says Sonu, 'But the one I enjoyed the most was singing in Akshay Kumar's voice'. After which this multi talented man gave a spectacular live performance at the grand opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup 2011, and got complemented by youth icon Bryan Adams, on his singing skills and passion for music. With so much happening around him Apna Sonu believes sky is the limit!

Sonu further adds, 'I feel humbled by Bryan's warm gesture, he surprised me by singing along my song during rehearsal...and has invited me to visit him when I go abroad next. Last few months have been busy but exciting as I am also judging the first season of a new talent show coming on air this summer.'


Friday, 4 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam Sings For 'Thank You' - Music Now Released!

Thank You (Hindi: थैंक यू) is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Anees Bazmee and produced by UTV Motion Picture. It features Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor, Suniel Shetty, Irfan Khan, Celina Jaitley & Rimi Sen. The movie is slated for early 2011 April release. Some scenes in this film have been shot in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada & Bangkok.
Sonam Kapoor replaced Katrina Kaif since the director wanted to have
a change with Akshay Kumar's love interest

Produced by Ronnie Screwvala - Directed by Anees Bazmee
Music by Pritam Chakraborty
Story by Anees Bazmee
Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures - Hari Om Productions
Release date: April 8, 2011
Country India

01 My Heart Is Beating - Sonu Nigam
02 My Heart Is Beating - Remix - Sonu Nigam
03 Full Volume - Neeraj Shridhar, Richa Sharma
04 Full Volume - Remix - Neeraj Shridhar, Richa Sharma
05 Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo - Mika Singh
06 Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo - Remix - Mika Singh
07 Pyaar Mein - Javed Ali & Neeraj Shridhar
08 Razia - Master Saleem, Ritu Pathak
09 Razia - Remix -Master Saleem, Ritu Pathak

Sonu Niigaam, Bhansali & Salim Merchant To Judge X Factor

Renowned luminaries Sonu Niigaam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Salim Merchant will judge the Indian version of US music reality show ‘X Factor

The music reality show will be aired on Sony Entertainment channel and will be hosted by singer-anchor Aditya Narayan.

Sonu Nigam stated “My consent to be a judge of ‘X Factor’ is proof enough of my faith in the format, the teams involved and the Channel.”

He said further, “Music in India has gone beyond the boundaries of film music.”

Sonu added, “So for all those singers, bands and musicians who are trying to give music a new expression the show will give them a platform to showcase their talent, attitude, passion and commitment.”


Sonu Niigaam Starts Auditions For X Factor

One of the world’s biggest singing talent shows is brought in India by Sony Entertainment Television.

After the success of Indian Idol and KBC, Sony Entertainment Television, the pioneers in reality programming, brings to you one of the world’s biggest singing talent shows, X Factor. The Indian version of the blockbuster international format X Factor, developed by Simon Cowell, is a worldwide phenomenon and will soon unleash the ultimate power of entertainment in India, only on Sony.

This exceptionally popular entertainment series has started the talent hunt with massive auditions been held across the country. The charming and versatile singer and anchor Aditya Narayan the host of the show is travelling the length and breadth of the country for the audition shows, attended by live audiences in each city. With this show, the channel will hunt for that X-treme singer/performer who can capture the imagination of the nation with his music, under the expert guidance of the judges who will mentor the budding singers.

X- Factor gives every individual an opportunity to showcase their talent regardless of age, background whatsoever. The widely popular X Factor – which now has versions in every country and boasts of a unique format which allows every contestant over the age of sixteen to enter the auditions. Divided in three categories – 16 – 25 years, above 25 years and individual groups, candidates will be screened for their singing talent, attitude and star quality with select few landing to instant stardom as the final selection happens before the judges and live crowds in mega concerts which the whole nation will be watching with bated breath.

The nationwide hunt for the performers who can swing the nation with their talent is starting on 4th March from Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai. The Mumbai audition will continue till 5th March at 4pm.

X FACTOR INDIA Cavalcade has been through Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Lucknow and now in Indore, followed by Mumbai and then Delhi in its journey to find the finest performers in India and the journey culminates in Delhi.

Candidates who make their way through the final selections will be divided in three groups with each group having a mentor at the helm. Under the guidance of three mentors they will be further tested and tried, eliminated and only a lucky few will have the privilege to visit the judges homes set in exotic locations nationally.

Here the participants get to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous while experts like vocal coaches, choreographers and stylists work on them to make a complete performer out of the contestants. At the end of the session each judge will select their final 4 who will proceed for the final showdown!!!

Speaking on the occasion Ajay Bhalwankar Head of Programming Sony Entertainment Television said “As pioneers of Reality programming we are delighted to announce that Sony will be hosting the biggest singing reality show on Indian Television. X factor is the greatest platform for gifted singers and performers coming from any and every background what so ever. It is a show, where an ordinary Indian can fulfill his dream and aspiration of achieving an extra-ordinary position. As the show gets bigger & better, it will not only showcase the talent of the participants, but also showcase their ability to stand out. He further added that, we are extremely happy to have Sonu Nigam as one of the judges on the show.”

A production of such magnitude warrants only the best in the industry to make it happen. Sony Entertainment Television is partnering with the international company FremantleMedia who are the license holders to the format. Their expertise in producing successful, top quality formats will ensure that X Factor is the slickest and most magnificent production on Indian television bringing in the best talent that our country has to offer.

S K Raj Barua, Managing Director of FremantleMedia India, said, “We are very excited to be launching X Factor India and expect the show to be among the biggest and the best the country’s ever seen. Viewers will be thrilled to see some of the innovations and cutting edge technology integrated into this production and we are excited to collaborate with Sony Entertainment Television, which has been an excellent home for the biggest reality shows. By tapping into the international and creative expertise of FremantleMedia’s global network, we expect this hugely entertaining programme to set new benchmarks for all singing talent shows and become one of India’s most inspiring programmes.”


Sonu Niigaam Against TRP-Driven Music Reality Shows!

Playback singer Sonu Nigam, who returns as a judge for music reality show after a gap of six years, was initially apprehensive about his upcoming show X-Factor, as he does not believe in manipulating reactions and situations to garner TRPs.

"I was apprehensive about the show because I don't trust music shows. They came to me three months back and I had said no. I feel they all go through the TRP route where they manipulatereactions and situations. Music is too pure for me and I don't want to dilute it," Nigam said in an interview.

"Initially I thought X-Factor would be like that too. But I realised that the team of Sony channel is into making this a biggest extravaganza on television. My consent is proof enough of my faith in the format," Nigam said.

The 37-year-old singer was the judge for two seasons of Indian Idol. Recently, he also judged children's singing reality shows - Little Champs and Chhote Ustaad.

"I did not do any adult music shows because I thought there was lot of manipulation. I don't see myself fitting into all this. I have had offers but I refused," Nigam said.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sonu Niigaam: Ready For The Guinness Book Records!

Sonu Niigaam needs no introduction today!! The man is recognized all over the globe for his immense contribution as a singer. But what awaits him now is a unique distinction of getting listed in the Guinness World Records..

Sonu who will soon be back on the television scenario as the judge of Sony Entertainment Television's musical reality show X Factor, recently revealed to us about the letter he got from the Guinness World Records..

We heard that he has created a record of sorts in the movie Tees Maar Khan by singing a particular song in 54 different voices.

Talking on the same Sonu had to say this, "Yes, I know I have created a record of singing a song with 54 different vocals in a particular song for which I have even received a letter from Guinness world records. But the thing is that they want the recorded proof of 54 different voices, which has to be recorded differently".

"I have not got time to record this, but I will surely be doing it once I am done with my prior commitments and present projects", promises Sonu.

This would be one big achievement for the talented man, and we hope he gets his name listed in the Records column very soon..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

Sonu Niigaam & Who ???? In The X Factor!

A list of probable judges for the show is out. A source informs, “Since this is a big ticket show the channel is trying to rope in the best in the business. Top actors and singers are being considered to judge the show. Rishi Kapoor was in but now confirmed out! Sonu Niigaam has been confirmed as the main judge!

The other names under consideration are Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla.
Then there is music composer-duo, Vishal-Shekhar and Shreya Ghoshal too who are top favourites. In fact there are suggestions that AR Rahman has also been approached

As is known the international version was made by Simon Cowell. Cowell’s production company owns the format of the show. It was also reported that the channel was keen on having Cowell on board as one of the judges. Sources say Fremantle India Television Productions will produce the show for Sony. The reality show is slated to launch after the Indian IPL (Indian Premier League). The format of the show is such that the finalists are mentored by a judge. Each judge is assigned a category and then aids the contestant with song selection and styling. The winner of the show usually gets no prize money but a recording contract.

We tried getting in touch with Ajay Bhalwankar Programming Head, Sony for confirmation but he remained unavailable.

Now reports suggest that pan-India auditions for the show are currently on and will end by February-end or early next month.


Sonu Niigaam Changes Flight!

Sonu Nigam who will now be seen judging Freemantle and Sony’s reality show X- Factor returns to adult talent reality shows after six years. The singer who has recently lent his voice for the ICC World Cup Anthem 2011 is excited about his comeback to reality shows.

During a media interaction for the show Sonu who is currently staying with his ailing mother in Bangalore had to reschedule his flight due to the long interviews. But this interaction seemed like a Marathon and the singer had to yet again reschedule his flight when he realized that the media had a lot to ask. After which Sonu decided to take the early morning flight the next day as the interaction would stretch into the night!

This is who we call a complete media delight!


Sonu Niigaam Attends The Subramaniam's Show!

It was a delight to watch Dr L Subramaniam performing a solo piece on stage and even more so, to see him getting felicitated for his contribution to Indian classical music.

Hosted by Suresh Wadkar in memory of his guru, the evening also saw a
performance by Ustad Rashid Khan. Sonu Niigaam, Talat Aziz and wife Bina were also present, as well as Ila Arun, Pallavi Joshi and many others were seen enjoying the performances.

In between listening to the music, Jagjit Singh also kept track of the cricket match between India and England on his cellphone!


Sonu Niigaam & Bryan Adams To Create Music In London!

It will be the perfect mix of the East and the West and efforts are on to get Indian music sensation Sonu Niigaam to team up with iconic rocker Bryan Adams. Sonu, who met Bryan during the cricket World Cup grand opening ceremony where they individually performed at Bangladesh, is set to travel to London to meet Bryan at his residence.

A source from the music industry informed a news daily that Sonu had the confidence to compose and sing an English song on a platform that had the international rock legend Bryan Adams. After hearing his song 'Let’s Go For Glory', record labels want Sonu to collaborate with Bryan for an English album.

Sonu confirmed to the daily that he would be travelling to London soon to meet Bryan. He added that it would be great if they can work out something together. As of now he just wants his mother’s health (his mother Shobha has been detected with cancer) to improve before he can get going on his projects.