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Sonu Nigam At Ajmer Sharif 12-04-13

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sonu Nigam - Music Is A State Of Mind!

After his performance at Gandhi Maidan on Friday, popular playback singer SonuNigam shared his bittersweet experience of life and music with Parul Pandey. Excerpts:
Q: How was the experience in Bihar? Do you think it has changed?
A: Frankly speaking, I should not have performed since I am in a trance after my mother's death, recently. This was more like meeting my commitment rather than enjoyment. For the first time, I understood the meaning of word 'the show must go on...' Overall, Bihari audience is very sincere. They understand and appreciate good music.
Q: What you have to say on the changing trend of music?
A: Any form of art is just the impression of society. Whatever music we are hearing today would have been called a stupidity and madness in 40s and 80s. The present generation cannot connect to five decades old music and the vice versa.
Q: What is music and singing to you?
A: Music is a state of mind.
Q: Do you think it is fair that untrained singers win singing competition through SMSs?
A: Is everything fair in life!
Q: Are you religious or spiritual?
A: I am neither religious nor spiritual. I'm a seeker, somebody who is trying to understand the true essence of life.
Q: You have not resumed acting after 'love in Nepal'?
A: Love in Nepal was a very good movie and I am proud of it. But I have realized my time is too precious to waste on those who are not sincere enough like me. I can only work with people who are as crazy as I am and whose intentions are right. If I get such projects that touch me I will definitely do it.
Q: Any new album?
A: Yes, very soon my new English album 'INDIA' is coming. It would be launched worldwide.
Q: Why new albums are not coming these days?
A: Due to digitization of music, albums don't earn good money. It is a non-profitable business now.
Q: Share your bond with your mother.
A: My whole family was very much attached to her. We still cry over losing her. For the first time on Thursday I received an award when my mother was not there. Usually, I used to keep any award at her feet but this time I kept it near her photo and cried hard.
Q: Your wife's role in your life?
A: She is the mother of my child. First, she was my girlfriend then became my wife. We all have tough times but nothing is foolproof. That's life!
Q: How your life changed after the birth of your son?
A: Life is still changing. He is a happy child and I am not a typical tough father. I respect my son and don't look down upon him.
Q: Does he like singing? Do you want him to be a singer?
A: He likes singing, dancing, acting and even tries directing at home. He is a topper and plays tennis and learn judo. It is not the time to decide anything for him.


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