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Sonu Nigam At Ajmer Sharif 12-04-13

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sonu Nigam Chats To The Telegraph!

The telegraph chats with Sonu Nigam, who was in patna recently for an event, about the changing trends and culture of music in india and a lot more The era when Jagjit Singh came was an era of ghazal lovers. Ab ghazal sunta kaun hai? Ab sab Honey Singh ko sunna chahte hain!

This is your second visit to Bihar. Have you noticed any changes?
I was in Patna in 1996 for a show, but at that time I was not that famous. The reputation of a state reflects its culture. Bihar has always been in news for something notorious or the other. But now things have changed and one can actually witness the development. But of course iske pehle main Bihar aane se katrata tha.
Lots of international singers are becoming a part of the Indian music industry. Do you think they are posing a challenge to singers here?
It is good that international talents are composing and performing here. We are giving international musicians space and scope to perform, which many countries don’t. We Indians know the perfect meaning of secularism. Besides, when you have competition from outside it leads to exploring of new styles of music and reviving old ones. There should be a healthy competition among the singers. At least for the sake of competition, musicians will come up with unique compositions.
You made your career with independent music albums but now we hardly hear of them. What is the reason behind it?
Digitisation led to the fall of independent music. Who will buy CDs/cassettes when the songs can be downloaded for free on the Internet? I still remember 1 crore cassettes of my first album Deewana were sold. But times have changed and people prefer listening to those songs but on the Internet.
According to you what are the pros and cons of the fall in independent music?
The universe has replacement for everything and anything. Although independent music is fading, it has led to a number of stage shows across the world. Now a singer who is talented is overloaded with events. These events are a platform for these budding talents. Anybody who has got the slightest of talent will never be without work in the music industry.
From remix to mash ups, do you feel there is innovation in music or it’s mere commercialisation?
Whatever music you hear today would have been called stupid and mad if it were composed in the 60s and vice versa. The lingo of cinema has changed. The lingo that we use today is different from what we heard earlier. Experience should get reflected in music. And of course it is all about making money and step towards commercialisation.
Do you think Punjabi pop and rappers such as Honey Singh and Jazzy B are taking the young generation away from classical music?
Every singer has got his or her style of singing. We should be happy that nowadays there is music of different genres and people can choose to listen to music according to their tastes. Classical is the root of any music. One can’t get rid of the roots. I love Honey Singh’s beats. What’s wrong if someone is experimenting with music and beats?
After the demise of Jagjit Singh, who do you think will do justice to ghazals?
The place of Jagjit Singh will remain the same and no one can replace him. May be after a year or two, new singers will crop up, but the way Jagjit Singh sang no one will. The era when Jagjit Singh came was an era of ghazal lovers. Ab ghazal sunta kaun hai. Ab sab Honey Singh ko sunna chahte hain!
Do you think films can promote vernacular music?
Cinema is a powerful medium and it can promote any kind of regional music. However, care should be taken while choosing the quality of music. Cinema needs to utilise the resources properly in an organised manner.
Why didn’t we see you in any film after Love in Nepal?
Love is Nepal was a nice movie so I did it. But gradually I have realised that my time is precious and I need to work with people who are as crazy as me. And now there are very few people who are making good films and are sincere towards their work. Since I did not find anyone with equal artistic intent, I chose not to take up any film.
What are your upcoming projects?
I have completed my new album India, which is a compilation of English songs. DJ Abhijeet was a great help to me in this album. I have composed the title track of the movie, Singh Saheb The Great and given music for Jal and Super Se Upar.



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