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Sonu Nigam At Ajmer Sharif 12-04-13

Monday, 10 December 2012

Sonu Nigam - Live in Concert On Dec 13, 2012 At The Qurum City Amphitheatre

Muscat: Whether it is films songs, albums or concerts, Sonu Nigam never fails to leave his fans spellbound.

His vocal virtuosity and talent has given him the 'complete musician' tag. Whether it is the expressive Kal Ho Naa Ho, touching Sandse Aate Hai, quick paced Ye Hey Dil, heartwarming Jaane Nahin Denge, stirring Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye, high speed Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Karein or the recent Abhi Mujhmein Kaheen, Sonu knows to capture the mood and essence of a song to the T. Indian film industry's biggest singer's captivating style always has the listener wanting more.

The talented artiste is all set to perform for the Sonu Nigam - Live in Concert to be held on December 13, 2012 at the Qurum City Amphitheatre. In the interview he talks about his life and the love for performing.

Oman needs no introduction as you have performed here more than once. What can the audience expect from you this year?

My motto has always been pure, raw and from-the-heart music and entertainment. It has been 20 years since I started doing my own shows. But it still feels new and inspiring. Audience can expect my honesty to my craft.

How does it feel coming back here for the third time to perform and what do you have to say to your fan following in Oman?

It feels great. I have a clear memory of the crowd in my experience the last two times I came here. I am looking forward to creating a night to remember with them again.

You travel extensively around the world for musical shows, reality shows, contests etc. How do you keep up with your schedule and manage your personal life amidst all of this?

I keep fit. I eat well. I practice music as much as I can. I stay happy. I stay connected with my family. Most importantly, I do not crib and complain in life.

You received rave reviews for your compositions for the movie Jal. Why did you not think of composing for films earlier? What are your future plans as a composer?

People have been talking about Jal even before its release. I am super elated. Bickram Ghosh and I are doing another film together called Sooper se Ooper. I want to do quality work with quality people. I am a musician first and a singer later, thus composing music comes naturally to me. I never went to anyone asking them to give me a movie to compose. These movies just happened due to the immaculate faith some friends have on me.

Please tell us briefly about your future assignments as a singer.

I usually have never kept a track of forthcoming songs ever in the past too. I sing, and I forget. Recently I remember singing for Dabangg 2, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 and others. My song with Avicii called Indian Levels, is the talk of the times right now. I am glad that independent music is getting a response like that.

How different has the year 2012 been?

Actually every year has some milestones and I like to thank every year for that. Currently 2012 is so special as it gave me Agneepath's Abhi Mujhmein Kaheen, Teri Shirt Da Main Taan Button Soniye, Ajnabee from 1920 — The Evil Returns (this song was shot on me and now Indian Levels. Also my mightiest tour ever was conceived and achieved this year, Klose to My Heart. I had a huge Indian orchestra with me.

We were supposed to do 11 shows in USA and Canada. We ended up doing 23. I am doing something very big and similar in Dubai next year. Perhaps I will get this concept to Muscat one day. May be give a teaser this time? Hmm?

Having performed at various places around the world, which one of them has been your favourite and the most memorable?

I have performed right under the Pyramids of Egypt, under the Qutub Minar in Delhi and hosted SaReGaMa under the Taj Mahal. All these have been memorable, but a concert is not judged by the place, but by the space you create while performing.

You are not just a talented singer but also an accomplished actor and a great mimic. Are there any plans in the offing in this regard?

Well I wish I had the skill to distinguish a mediocre project from a good one when I acted in films. But I still cherish the experience. I love doing masti on award shows or my stage performance. And I know people love it because they know it is the actor in me. Plans? Well, I'd leave it on the Almighty.

Talking about talent, one of the examples is your contribution to the 18-song global compilation of tribute songs for Michael Jackson called The Beat of our Hearts and your collaboration with Britney Spears on the remix I wanna go. Please tell us about your experience of working on the international arena and with this mix of people?

My Facebook tribute song becoming a part of The Beat of our Hearts, was a huge surprise. My song with Jermaine Jackson is something I cherish so much considering the only tribute from a Michael Jackson's family member ever, is with me. (I just realised I should sing this song on stage).

Collaboration with Britney too happened just by chance. I am glad I sang with Kylie Minogue too in Blue. Now Avicii and Indian Levels. Keep counting!

You have won awards from almost all the top music award genres. Did you ever expect this to happen when you had initially started your career as a singer?

Awards meant big deal when I started. But it took me 10 years to start getting them. I now feel awards are like gifts. Enjoy it when you get it. But do not complain if you do not.


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